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Chapter 107 With Everyone

 Main Character's POV

 Today I went to the city with all eleven of us.
 "If you want something, Sharon, you can buy whatever you want"
 Since she seemed to be reserved, it would be better to tell her first.
 "Is this all right?"
 "Yeah, I don't care if you're a slave or not, you can buy anything you like."
 Anyway, this is Jimna village... they don't sell much stuff here anyway.
 "Ceres-kun, is that really good?"
 "Shizuko-san, this is Jimna village, I don't think they sell such expensive things now that it's a town."
 "Is that so? But, Ceres, this is not the Jimna village we know anymore, is it?"
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san, don't scare me like that."
 "But Ceres-san, Sharon-san went into the jewelry store with Mariane."
 Jewelry store? When did that exist?
 However, Shizuko and the others, perhaps because they were her apprentices, call Mariane and the others by their first names, even though they are royalty, while Sharon is addressed by 'san'.
 Even though there is no hierarchy in our family, it's still a mess from the outside.
 "Ceres-san, this doesn't look like the Jimna village we know anymore, you know? It's not just cleaned up..."
 "Ceres-chan, look carefully!"
 Well, it's definitely different... not only are the stores cleaner, but the number of stores itself has increased.
 "Ah, there's a scum, Shizuko, look..."
 "Arara, there really is a scum... Paralyze!"
 "Aaaaa, my hands and feet are numb!"
 "Hey, Sector, hey, Sector...! Are you okay, hey?"
 Chihua ran up to him with teary eyes.
 Well, I guess Shizuko-san hasn't completely gotten over her grudge yet...
 "Uncle Sector, don't worry! Shizuko-san won't do magic out of the blue..."
 "Ah, isn't it Ceres...? And Shizuko..."
 "Heheheh, Sector, don't worry, it's just a paralyze, the numbness will go away soon..."
 Shizuko's face is black, and she looks completely angry.
 "What are you doing, out of the blue? It's insane to cast a spell in the street like this...and Ceres-sama, why don't you stop her!?"
 "Stop it, Chihua... that's my ex-wife there... I sold her into slavery... this is what I deserve"
 Chihua-san looks at him with tears in her eyes.
 But Chihua, who had been a slave before and therefore knew the severity of the behavior, did not say anything.
 "Phew... that's enough... I'll forget about it! Now, make her happy! She's pregnant, isn't she?"
 "Ah... yeah, I'm really sorry."
 "Then, I don't care anymore. Well, goodbye!"
 "Ah, yeah, goodbye."
 "Umm... I'm sorry!"
 "It's not your place to apologize, don't worry about it, good luck, next time I come back I'll ask you to show me your baby."
 Shizuko smiled as she said this.
 ""Yes... Thank you very much""
 Uncle Sector and Chihua-san bowed many times and left...
 Anyway, it all worked out well... Isn't it?
 No, Uncle Sector has been purified to the point of turning his hair gray before...
 That wasn't bad enough...
 I'd better be careful not to offend Shizuko-san.
 "Ceres-kun, what's wrong? You look pale!"
 "Ceres, you look pale."
 "Ceres-san, what's wrong?"
 "Ceres-chan, are you okay?"
 Still, they're all so sweet and beautiful... but when they're angry, they're scary.
 I completely forgot.
 "I'm just remembering how you used to get angry with Zect and me. Don't worry about it."
 "Ceres-kun... was I that scary?"
 "Ceres?! I was so nice to you!"
 "I don't remember being angry with Ceres-san."
 "Either me, I don't remember being mad at Ceres-chan."
 Well, I'm rarely being scolded on my own... but because of Zect and Lida's involvement, I've been scolded a lot together with them.
 Besides, because I'm always the one to give them a helping hand, I'm always... caught in the middle.
 "I've never been scared... even when I've been scolded, I've thought everyone is beautiful."
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
 Maybe this will work.
 But then, I saw Lida is being pulled by Frey.
 Maybe that's an armory in that direction... Frey aside, Lida doesn't need a weapon if she doesn't want to fight.
 "Well, I'm not so interested in weapons..."
 "Lida is a former sword saint like me, isn't she? Since you are a vassal, you should at least look at weapons."
 Lida looks at me as if she wants me to help her...
 But if I help her, everyone will say I'm spoiling her, so I'll just ignore her for now.
 Besides, she abandoned me the other day.
 "I see... ok..."
 "Then, Maria, shall we go to church?"
 "But I'm going shopping today..."
 "You're a former saint, aren't you? Aren't you curious about the new church? Let's go and pray, we're off, Ceres-sama."
 And then, Cecilia pulled Maria, who was reluctant to go with her.
 Well, it's better not to interfere with a former saint.
 Now, Shizuko, the other four, and Mel were the only ones left.
 "Is there anywhere you guys want to go?"
 "Well, I'd like to go to the convenience store then. Ceres-chan."
 Isn't that Uncle Shuuto's place?
 "Umm, Misaki-san, you're not going to do anything, are you?"
 "Ceres-chan's a worrier. I won't do anything. I just want to see if that lazy bast*rd's changed a little."
 "Then why don't we go there? It's a very convenient store."
 Anyway, there's no convenience store anywhere else, so it might be a good idea to take a look.
 And I'd like to see how much of my idea is reflected in it.
* * *
 "This is his store...? Isn't it great?" said Misaki.
 Indeed, although it is far from a real convenience store, it has a good selection of goods, just like a 'whatever you want' store.
 It's open 24 hours a day, so it must be convenient in this world.
 "It's better than I thought... it's great."
 "Hey, if it isn't Ceres-kun? And Misaki and the others... You're so great Ceres-kun, you've married all four of them... and you seem to be very, very happy," said Shuuto.
 He seems to have no particular feelings about it.
 "Uncle Shuuto, thanks to you... by the way, Charlotte-san isn't working today, is she?"
 "Hahaha, actually, we found out she's pregnant with a baby, so she's taking today off to take care of it."
 I'm glad he's happy.
 "You've become very dedicated to your work. I'm glad you're happy," said Misaki.
 "I'm glad Misaki is happy too. Isn't Maria here today?" said Shuuto.
 "That girl's at church today."
 "Well, she's a former saint. It's not easy."
 "Yes, but you've added a lot to your collection."
 "Isn't it...? But, it was Ceres-kun's idea... people can come here 24/7 and buy whatever they want... including sweets... and the highlight is a lunch box made from a recipe that Ceres-kun and Kazuma taught me. Well, since you've come all this way, why don't you go in the back and relax while I make you some tea?"
 "You'll make the tea?"
 "Well... I'm not in love with you but I like my wife... so I learned to do it."
 "Huh? That Shuuto?"
 "Haruka-san, I can change too."
 "Well... I'm sorry"
 Now, after treating us to tea and cake, we left the convenience store without Uncle Shuuto, who still didn't seem to have anything more to say to us.
 But when we left the store, he gave us four big bags filled with all kinds of goods as a souvenir... Frankly, it was a little bit cumbersome.
 Still, it's just like Uncle Shuuto, isn't it?
 "Misaki-san... were you worried about Uncle Shuuto?"
 "Ara, Ceres-chan, are you jealous?"
 "Yes, I'm a little jealous."
 "No, it's not like that. I was just wondering if he's doing well in his life, that's all."
 She's right, the old Uncle Shuuto would be worrying...
 "That's for sure."
 "Isn't it?"
 Anyway, I'm so glad that Misaki and Uncle Shuuto do not have any more conflicts.

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