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Chapter 108 We Live in Different Worlds

 Sharon's POV

 Hawawawa, why am I in the jewelry business with Mariane-sama?
 But, I just used to be a casino dealer...?!
 And I'm supposed to be a slave too...! However...
 'If you want something, Sharon, you can buy whatever you want.'
 Ceres-sama kindly said to me... but I didn't expect it to be a jewelry store.
 Normally, I would have expected to buy something at a local store... but what should I do?
 "This necklace is very beautiful... It's very nice."
 "As expected, lady, you have a good eye. It's one of the best in the store..."
 "I'll take this, then."
 "Thank you for your purchase."
 The royal or imperial capital may be the best place, but there should be no such thing in the Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres-sama's city.
 That is what I thought... but why are there such things there?
 The necklace purchased by Mariane-sama cost 6,000 gold coins.
 Because of my job, I have a little bit of an eye for things.
 Well, it certainly seems to be worth something.
 "Sharon-san, since I can appraise, I can assure you that the 'quality' of the item is fine and of high quality! And since Sharon-san is also my friend, let's buy as many items as you like."
 "Yes, I will choose."
 But I don't have the guts to buy such a thing.
 Because that one necklace is worth my wages for the rest of my life.
 Anyway, I move to the corner near the entrance where I can buy it for two silver coins to two gold coins.
 "Sharon-san, you won't find much good stuff there... There are only things of value over here."
 Of course, I understand that, but there is nothing there worth less than 500 gold coins.
 After all, I'm a slave and a servant...
 I don't have the guts to buy such expensive things.
 Those are not the luxuries I used to have.
 "But... they're all so expensive."
 "Sharon-san, you don't have to worry about that. It might be a little awkward for Ceres-sama to buy them, but you're my lady-in-waiting too... The royal family will pay for this place! Besides, I'm a princess and the first in a line of succession... Now, you can choose whatever you like."
 "Umm... I'm sorry, I'm a commoner and I don't know what to do..."
 "That's true... but you are attached to the 'Hero Ceres-sama' and me, the princess, Also, with the princess Frey of the empire. So, it's not surprising that you are in a sense the top of the line of lady-in-waiting, especially since many of the ladies-in-waiting in our kingdom are children of noble families. I need something of a certain quality."
 "But I can't choose such a luxury item."
 Hearing this, Mariane-sama's face changed.
 "You're right, I'm sorry I'm not very considerate..."
 "I should have been the one to prepare these things for you. Fortunately, this jewel store has a selection as large as in the capital... So, shopkeeper, please find me three necklaces and five rings, each worth about 2,000 gold coins. "
 "Certainly, please wait a moment..."
 Then the shopkeeper brought some necklaces and rings to me.
 "I think these are the ones you are looking for."
 From the moment I saw them, I could tell that they were all expensive.
 Perhaps not even the nobleman could afford them.
 "I don't deserve such expensive things."
 "Is it? But in the future you'll need it... and you're my lady-in-waiting... So, it can't be helped! Well, then, 'Appraise'! Hmm, just as well, there are two valuable necklaces and three rings among them... Please, shopkeeper... we'll take this one."
 "Thank you very much and I'll get them for you."
 "Yes, please."
 "Um... are you sure it's all right?"
 "I'm sure you'll need it from now on... you'll need it when you go to official places in the future, so don't worry about it... But I don't think we'll be able to find a store that sells dresses in here... I'll buy you another one next time."
 "Thank you very much."
 Thinking about it, I had forgotten that most of the people I work for are very impressive.
 Maybe I'll get used to it...
 But will I ever get used to this life?
 For me, we live in different worlds, and I really think so.

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