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Chapter 110 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Seven - At the Slum

 Zect's POV

 "This is Zect and Luna's soup line... we'll give you bread and soup, so get in line... Luna, hand out the bread... one for each of them."
 I'm now setting up a tent near the slum to serve food.
 And as of right now, the emperor has given his orders and there are no nobles, knights, adventurers, or civilians who would dare to touch Luna.
 But it's true that people don't like Luna's looks, and they don't want anything happening to him out of their reach.
 I don't want them to do something out of our reach.
 So, I should get the slum residents on our side... and this is what I came up with.
 In Jimna village, Ceres is a popular person.
 That's because of his dedication to the village.
 He's a good-natured guy, so he used to say, 'If you give to others, you will get help.'
 At that time, I don't want to be helped.
 I just want to be left alone... that's all.
 "Umm... I don't have a bowl."
 "Don't worry, we have a bowl. There you go, soup."
 "And some bread..."
 "Thank you, Hero. Thank you, Onee-chan."
 "Go ahead and eat. Don't fall down."
 There's no point in complaining to a kid who's waving his hands and running.
 I'm not Hero anymore... just Zect.
 "Hey! Can I eat this for free... Huh, Hero (Yuusha)? !"
 "Old man, I'm not Hero (Yuusha) anymore! I'm cooking today on a whim... do you have a bowl?"
 "Ah, I'm sorry, I don't have a bowl..."
 "Then, take this bowl. And here's some soup!"
 "The bread..."
 "Thank you, Hero! Thank you, young girl!"
 "Hey! I said, I'm-not-Hero-anymore!"
 "Really?! But You look like Hero (Yuusha) to me! Thanks for the soup and bread!"
 Good grief... Even though I'm not Hero.
 "Zect... it's okay, just get them some soup... there's a line..."
 "All right... we have some bowls, but not that much, so those who have some, bring it in, those who don't, we'll give it to them... now it's your turn."
 "Thank you... that's quite a sumptuous soup."
 "And I'm no Hero (Yuusha), but I can still hunt orcs with this, there's plenty of orcs in it..."
 "The bread..."
 "Ah... thank you, Hero and young girl."
 "I said, I'm not a He..."
 "Can I have some?"
 "Ah, I'll serve you right away... here."
 "The bread..."
 "Thank you."
 Still, there are a lot of people in the slums... glad I brought extra.
 They're pretty polite too, and no one ever lines up twice.
 Still, 20 big pots and 200 loaves of bread are almost gone.
 Looks like we're finally done...
 "Hey... a few left, kids only, first come, first served."
 "The Bread."
 In the end, we finished handing out the food in about three hours.
 "Bread... is gone."
 "Yes, I didn't think it would run out so fast..."
 In Jimna, orphans don't starve.
 And the capital... it's hard.
 But this is my calculation.
 If we do this again and again, Luna will be imprinted as 'the girl who gave everyone bread' instead of Luna the half-demon.
 Not only the law... but if we don't make people like us, we might be in trouble in the future.
 So, this is 'calculation'.
 If we do the soup kitchen like this, I'm sure Luna will be well-liked.
 What afflicts the slum is 'hunger,' 'disease,' and 'poverty.'
 I can't save 'poverty' but I can save 'hunger' and 'disease' a little.
* * *
 All right, now we're going to the clinic.
 "Come on, Luna, let's go!"
 "Where are we going?"
 "Oh, we'll just walk around."
 But then, I saw someone, who was in bad shape...
 "Hey, are you okay?"
 "Ah, my leg is hurt... So what's wrong?"
 "Well then... 'Heal...' how's this?"
 "Ah, my foot's healed, is that magic?"
 "Well I'm not much of a healer, but I can do Heal, High Heal, and Antidotes... if you know of anyone with an injury or a slight illness, let me know, can you?"
 "Hey, you... I see, that face is Hero (Yuusha), Hero Zect."
 "I'm not Hero (Yuusha) anymore... Anyway, I'm going to heal you up for free today, so if there's anyone out there like that, go get them, and if there's anyone who can't get up, let me know and I'll go to their house or their place."
 "Okay, I'll get them right away."
 A saint when it comes to healing magic.
 A sage when it comes to offensive magic.
 A sword saint when it comes to great swordsmanship.
 Then, what can Hero (Yuusha) do?
 I think this job has more courage than anyone else.
 But that's not all... this job good at all kinds of magic and attacks.
 But it's halfway.
 Hero (Yuusha) is no match for a saint in healing magic.
 Hero (Yuusha) is no match for a sage in offensive magic.
 Hero (Yuusha) is no match for a sword saint in swordsmanship.
 Well, Hero (Yuusha) has its own magic, but apart from that, that's about it.
 But on the other hand... I can use some of the healing spells that saints can use.
 To put it simply, heal, high heal, and antidote spells are a piece of cake.
 With those three, I'll heal as many people as I can... that's what I thought.
 "Hero (Yuusha)-sama, I brought someone."
 "Umm... are you sure you can help my mom?"
 "Can you help me?"
 "This much is probably a piece of cake! I've got enough for this... Heal."
 My hand glowed, and I put it on the chest of the woman the kid had brought with him.
 "How do you feel...?"
 "I feel much better."
 "Well... That's good. And kid, your mother is healed, isn't that great!"
 "Thank you, Hero big brother!"
 "If you're so grateful, help my partner when she's in trouble."
 "That big sister...? I know..."
 "I'm sorry, but we're waiting for the next one... so please leave when you're done, okay?"
 "Thank you very much."
 "Because my mom is fine... then, goodbye."
 Now, maybe the kid and his mother are okay... but their nutrition is not good.
 She's cured, but there's nothing I can do about it. And now...
 "My wound... can you heal it?"
 This person has a large wound on his arm, and it's rotting away.
 This is... if I'm not careful, he'll die.
 "I may be able to save your life... but I can't save your arm if I use it."
 If I want to heal this man's arm, I'll need the ultimate spell of the saints, the 'Perfect Heal'.
 This spell can heal even a missing limb because it can 'heal if not dead'.
 However, even Maria cannot use this Perfect Heal now.
 And the only person who can use it now is Former Saint Cecilia, who could learn it only at the end of her life, just before the battle with the Demon King.
 So, even 'Maria' can't heal this man's arm.
 "That's what they said at the church... But at least save my life... However, I don't even have the money to pay for that treatment."
 I draw my sword and cut off his rotting arm.
 "It'll be over soon... Heal."
 I say a spell and hold up my hand, and the wound in the man's arm close up.
 "I'm sorry... I can only heal like this."
 "What are you talking about! Thanks to you I didn't die... and the church wouldn't heal me because I couldn't afford it."
 "Then... if my partner is in trouble, can you help her?"
 "I understand. So, little girl, what's your name?"
 "I remember your face and name... and if I see you in trouble, little girl... I'll help you... I promise."
 "Thank you."
 The people in the slum are, as you might say, the lowest class of people.
 Maybe that's why no one ever uses the word 'half-demon'.
 They have no money... but they may be good guys at heart.
 "Luna, please take out a magic potion from the bag."
 "Magic potion?"
 "Ah, I'm sorry, it's a green liquid."
 She doesn't know what color it is?
 "Sorry, bring me my bag."
 I took the bag from Luna and gulped down two magic potions.
 Now, let's go one step further...
 "Zect... that's great."
 "It's not great at all... but I'll do my best..."
 I finished healing all the people in the slum by using 'Appraisal', 'Heal', and 'High Heal'.
 Although I have abandoned the name of Hero (Yuusha)... I have a job.
 In a world where we don't have to fight against demons, I should be able to use them in this way.

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