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Chapter 111 [Short Story] The Royal Family

 The King’s POV
 'Hero (Yuusha) is the strongest weapon of mankind that can defeat even a Demon King.'
 That's what a Hero (Yuusha) fanatic is like...
 I had been keeping an eye on Ceres the Hero (Eiyuu) and the demon tribe, but I had failed to think that there was one more person to keep an eye on.
 Not only me.
 Even the Holy Church and the Empire had forgotten about it.
 The existence of 'Hero (Yuusha) Zect'.
 It is true that he was defeated by a great number of dragons... but at that time he still killed several dragons single-handedly.
 Despite his defeat by Mammon, they fought each other for a few hours.
 Now that the truce with the demons is established, the greatest threat is the 'Hero (Yuusha) Zect'.
 To Ceres-dono, all three nations are sending marriages.
 But to Zect-dono, he does not have any shackles.
 If anyone in this world can stop Zect-dono, it is Ceres-dono. But... they are best friends, and they will not budge.
 It is reported that he stormed into the royal castle of the empire alone, half destroyed it and left without a care in the world.
 Unfortunately, between our kingdom and the empire, the empire has the better castle.
 That means that he could do the same thing in the kingdom if he wanted to.
 So, who can take the castle single-handedly?
 There aren't that many.
 The royal castle of the empire is half destroyed because they underestimated him.
 And the incident made it clear that practically no one can defeat "Hero (Yuusha)", no matter how good they may appear.
 Ceres-dono, too, does not move even though the royal castle of the empire is half destroyed.
 Even though there is their princess among the wives... he does not move.
 Now we know that Ceres-dono will not move even if Zect-dono has a dispute with us unless there is a big problem.
 Quickly, I planned an engagement with Marin... but it ended in vain.
 But... Hero (Yuusha) Zect has changed.
 I could see that.
 That womanizing, honor-seeking man doesn't want it all.
 But, for a country, I think we have to think of something, or it's going to be bad someday.
* * *
 Princess Marin POV
 People are changing, aren't they?
 The first person I met, Hero (Yuusha) Zect, is a vain man.
 He was a trivial human being, no different from other nobles.
 For me, an 'ordinary human being' is uninteresting.
 As a princess, I am not free to fall in love.
 I will marry a man whom my father, the king, decides upon and spend the rest of my life with him.
 That is the life of a princess.
 In return, I am given luxuries that other people can never have... so I can't complain.
 From my point of view, 'Hero (Yuusha) Zect' has only a good face... I didn't like his personality much.
 And the fact that he has a good face, just makes him a little bit better.
 Still, he is the same as other nobles, having a vanity and a greed for honor... just a man... that is 'Hero (Yuusha) Zect' to me.
 That's why I didn't think anything when he lost to Mammon... and quit being a Hero (Yuusha).
 Rather, he is a foolish man who threw away his precious friends for a woman.
 And... as a result, he lost to Mammon.
 He's no longer my fiancee, so he's no longer my concern.
 But... such a man... has changed.
 'I'm not worthy of it now. I'm the man who fought bravely but recklessly, who hurt my friends, who lagged behind Mammon even though I was the leader. Moreover, I was saved by 'Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres', whom I forced to take the fate of the world into his hands... that's me. So, if I am to take Princess Marin as my wife, I must at least be a nobleman, and I am afraid I have neither the ability nor the education to rule a territory. Besides, I have decided to live as an adventurer... and when I grow old, I will return to my hometown and farm the fields. Princess Marin is too good to be the wife of an adventurer or a farmer.'
 'It is true that I used to have ambitions. Marrying a princess, a nobleman with a landed estate... I thought recklessly of all those things... But I was defeated and saved by my best friend, and those ambitions are gone now.'
 I could not believe that such words could come from a man so full of honor and vanity.
 It was unthinkable for the former Hero (Yuusha) Zect to abandon his nobility and his marriage to me, a princess.
 So, was the man who stood in front of me really Hero (Yuusha) Zect?
 His dignified attitude... his style... he does not desire honor or status.
 He looks like a 'real Hero (Yuusha)' to me.
 That's why my words came out of my mouth.
 'But Zect-sama, have you not considered... my feelings?'
 I never thought that I would say such words.
 I... perhaps... really like Hero (Yuusha)Zect... maybe that's what it means.
 I said those words with all my courage... but it was just a whim, wasn't it?
 But then...
 What he said was, 'I can't go out with him unless I drop everything.'
 Of course, I can't do that. I've lived my life as a princess.
 But just when I was hesitating...
 'I'm sure you'll find a good man.'
 He rejected me.
 Still, since Zect-sama left, all I can think about is him.
 And at one time, I want to take off my crown while thinking at him.
 'If only I could get rid of it...'
 Even today, I keep looking at this crown without any conclusion.

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