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Chapter 85 The Demon King was Easily Defeated

 Main Character's POV

 The 10-person shared house has begun.
 And the three former members of the Hero (Yuusha) party have been working hard since morning.
 However, this is a normal part of life in the village.
 Unlike women in the town, women in the village work from morning till night.
 They cook breakfast, work in the fields, cook dinner... on top of that, they need to entertain their husband at night, and when a child is born, they raise the child.
 But that's part of what made me fall in love with Shizuko-san and the others.
 Beautiful, hardworking, and kind... how could I not like them?
 But here's the thing.
 I was married in my previous life... but I've never been in an arranged marriage.
 You see, even though Shizuko-san and the other might be considered as a parent of my childhood friend... There was a childish change of my heart to them from 'good mother' to 'wonderful woman' to 'This person is nice' to 'I like her' in order to fall in love with four people.
 Leaving aside my previous life, in this world I live in a 'village society, a small society'... and because I live in a small society... everyone around me knows each other... it is a closed world where I can go out safely without locking the door to my house.
 To put it simply, Shizuko and the other three and Maria and the other two have been together with me for more than a decade.
 But these three women are different.
 Mariane is a princess, Cecilia is a former saint and a privileged member of the church.
 As for Frey, she is a princess and a former sword saint.
 'We live in different worlds.'
 But I asked Shizuko and the others to make time for me to be with the three of them.
 To told them... how I felt about them.
 "Well... First of all, even though I am a former princess, Ceres-sama, the hero (Eiyuu), is in a higher position... the Pope says that Ceres-sama is the 'greatest' in this world... If you ask me to take care of the household, I can't do it. But if you want me to help you with political matters, I can help you because I have studied imperial studies."
 "I am a former saint, but I traveled from one place to another until I fought the Demon King, and after that I was a nun, no different from Ceres-sama, just like Maria... I also helped at the soup kitchen and learned housekeeping at the convent. So, I can do everything."
 "Well, you know, I'm not much of a princess. After all, I've been wielding a sword since I was chosen as a sword saint, and I was a member of the knighthood after being defeated by the Demon King... so, well, I'm no different from a knight or an adventurer."
 "I see... that's good..."
 The first gate is cleared... But it will take some time to close the relationship distance from here...
* * *
 While we were living awkwardly, I received a call from Pope Romalis.
 He said, 'The demons have proposed a truce.'
 The details of the offer were quite favorable to the human side, so... things were settled soon after.
 According to Pope Romalis, the fact that I won the battle against Mammon played a big role....
 A truce of 300 years.... that will free Zect completely and human race will probably not fight again for several generations to come.
 And the next Hero (Yuusha) who will be born after Zect will be happy... But when I thought so, the world is a hard place... the 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law' will be suspended during the truce period, I heard.
 Well, it is a privilege that is supposed to fight against a Demon King, so it is natural.
 But the 'Hero (Eiyuu) Protection Law' will be continued.
 And the funny story is... after all the talk about the Demon King, it ended with just a single communication through the communication crystal.
 In retrospect, was there really any need to fight?
 I can't help but think so.
 A Demon King basically never leaves his castle... defeating him might not make a big difference.
 But the big problem is over now.
 It's world peace... the Demon King was easily defeated
 From now on... all I have to do is to solve the other problems one by one.

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