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Chapter 84 Harem?

 Main Character's POV

 "It's morning, it's morning! It's a beautiful morning~! So, let's get up!"
 I hear Haruka-neesan's voice.
 She's not waking me up, but she's waking the three girls up.
 "Mom... it's only 4:00 in the morning! Yawn... It's too early!" said Lida with a sleepy face.
 "Haruka-san, it's still dark," said Maria, who was awake.
 "Let me sleep a little longer..." said Mel, whose eyes were still closed.
 "It's not too early! When in the village, your mothers were up at 5:00 a.m. Really, why are you so clumsy? You have to start every day at this time. And now, Lida, you're going to clean today, Maria will do the laundry, Mel will make breakfast with me... if you have any questions, just ask me."
 Haruka-neesan seems to be putting the three of them in charge of the housework.
 And I saw that Shizuko-san, Misaki-san, Sayo-san, and Princess Mariane were already awake and sitting on the sofa drinking tea.
 "Ah~ Good morning Ceres. I want to eat morning breakfast at Ceres," said Lida.
 "That's great, please..." said Maria.
 "I want an omelet," said Mel.
 Come to think of it, it's been a while... at least today...
 "I can't help it... at least for today."
 I don't understand why Shizuko-san and the other four, or even Princess Mariane, are giving me a hard time about this...
 Well, if things like this, I'm sorry, it's not possible under the circumstances.
 "Another time!"
 """No way..."""
 "Don't worry... Your mothers are great cooks and better than me when it comes to cleaning, so take this opportunity to learn from them... If you're not going to be an adventurer anymore, Maria, how about a healer at a healing center? Or Mel, you could go to the academy, work in the library, become a clerk... whatever you do, take your time and look for a job."
 "Hey, Ceres, um..." said Maria.
 "Ceres... That's..." said Mel.
 Somehow they are giving off an aura that they don't want to work.
 "You just need to find something you want to do for 3 months, 6 months, a year... and you can discuss it with Shizuko-san and the others... then, Nee-san... I'll leave them to you!"
 "Leave it to me!"
 Haruka-neesan began to instruct the three of them smilingly.
 But the problem is Lida...
 Saint Maria is an advanced healer... if she doesn't want to fight, she can work at a healing center in the town... Mel is a sage... she's what people used to call a literature scholar... so she's very good at it.
 However, Lida...
 There is no job so specialized in fighting as the sword saint.
 If she chooses to fight, there is no other job that can be relied upon so much... but if she quits fighting... there is no other job that can be of such use to her.
 Simply put, if she doesn't fight... she is incompetent.
 Even Haruka-neesan said, 'If you can, just keep her around as a maid.'
 Worst-case scenario, if she can't find a job she wants or something she can do, I'll have her as my daughter, and I'll have to do that.
 Well, I don't hate her... and I'm not afraid to take care of my childhood friend with whom I played the fool.
* * *
 Finally, they had come.
 To such a small place...
 From the Holy Land of Gandar, there is Pope Emeritus Rothman, Pope Romalis, Archbishop Roanne, and the former Saint Cecilia.
 From the Galban Empire, there is Emperor Sizer, former Saint Sword or First Princess, Frey.
 Of course, many carriages are outside, and knights and retainers escort them.
 Now that things have come this far, I have no choice...
 "Master (Shisou) Haruka, Master (Shisou) Misaki, it's been a while," said Frey.
 "Master (Shisou) Shizuko, it's been a long time," said Cecilia.
 Princess Frey, the former Sword Saint, was Haruka-san and Misaki-san's student.
 Former Saint Cecilia was also Shizuko-san's student.
 And the deceased sage was Sayo-san's student.
 And Princess Mariane is good friends with all three of them.
 Right now, I have... five wives.
 I thought it was four... but it was five.
 Well, it seems Mariane and I were already married when the King left her.
 They say a royal couple spending the night together is a marriage.
 But, it was Shizuko-san and the others who slept with Princess Mariane. However, the marriage was concluded when the princess stayed at this house...
 And it seems that Shizuko-san and the others knew about this.
 So, that's why I already have five wives.
 Now, as a hero (Eiyuu), I am the greatest in the world, so I am greeted, and everyone is waiting for my words.
 "I don't mind marrying Cecilia and Frey... but I already have five wives... five plus two equals seven, and there's no hierarchy there. If you agree to my terms... "
 "Our country is willing to do that," said Cecilia.
 "Our country is okay with that," said Frey.
 Normally, there would be one legitimate wife, and the rest would be concubines, but after talking with Shizuko-san and others, we decided to have special polygamy in which all seven of them would be legitimate wives.
 Of course, the number of legitimate wives ends here, but if I have any other wives in the future, they will all become concubines.
 As for the rest, I will only participate in the defense and not attack.
 With that promise, we ended our discussion.
 And then...
 "Hero-dono (Eiyuu)... Actually, we were going to rewrite the Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law... but the text says that it cannot be rewritten... so we have created the 'Hero (Eiyuu) Protection Law [Ceres-sama 1st version]'. The content of this law is higher than the Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law, so please read it in your spare time."
 After the dinner, everyone else left, leaving Cecilia and Frey behind.
 Princess Mariane, Cecilia, and Frey are indeed beautiful.
 But they are almost strangers.
 Normally, I would be happy to see a harem...
 But why can't I rejoice in some way?

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