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Chapter 87 The Black Dragon

 Main Character's POV

 Right now, I'm having a drink with Black Dragon at a bar.
 I found him while I was wandering around the town, so I called out to him.
 It was a good time because I had something I wanted to talk to him about.
 "What's going on?"
 "Well, you see, I don't think luck is on my side..."
 I asked the Black Dragon about my doubt.
 "Don't you realize it? First of all, the miracle of my being here... think about it, I'm always in Dragonium, and I never know where I'll come to the human land... How little chance do you have of seeing me?"
 Now that he mentions it, that may be true.
 If he lives nearby, it may be a good chance to meet someone you don't even know where he is in the world.
 "Yes, that's true, but..."
 I consulted with him about marrying the three women.
 "Well, this is my theory, but don't you really like them?"
 I thought they were beautiful, but that's all.
 "No, I've never even met them..."
 "I don't understand it as a Dragon, but I heard that those three were very beautiful among humans, weren't they? You must have subconsciously thought 'I wish I could marry someone like that,' right? And so, that came true, didn't it?"
 If he puts it that way, I might have thought 'Look how beautiful she is in her portrait' or 'I wish I could live with such a beautiful person' when I glanced at her as an audience.
 But it is no different from seeing an idol and thinking 'I like this girl' in my previous life.
 "Is that really what triggers it?"
 "'Yellow dragon's luck' is so great that you can't control it, and others can't control it either... It moves to do your will with all its might, that's why it's troublesome... Not even Bauer-sama or a Human Goddess can suppress the power of the Yellow Dragon. So, the legendary item, too, can’t suppress the power of the yellow dragon."
 "Is it really that big of a deal?"
 "Think about it, if you wanted your childhood friend to be safe and not have to fight the Demon King, then the Demon King would give in and you'd have a truce in no time."
 "Hmm? Isn't that because he's afraid of me?"
 "Really? That's not all, is it? Even the Goddess who protects the human race could only maintain the balance by giving you the job of Hero (Yuusha) and making you fight... but you don't want your childhood friend to fight... and the moment you wish for it... a truce is easily achieved... something the Goddess hasn't been able to do for thousands of years."
 "No way. But my childhood friend..."
 "Isn't that your deepest wish, too? You wanted to keep her not as your wife but as your daughter, right? Especially that Lida girl, you've known her since you were little and you wanted her to be your best friend. I know it's a feeling that dragons don't have, but I heard that human parents cry when they give their daughters in marriage."
 Could it be... that I... wish such a thing?
 "Is that so?"
 "Think about it... You're surrounded by all the women you've wanted to have by your side since you were little... It's included the women whom you admire... and you've created a peaceful society where you don't have to fight the Demon King. It's nothing but good luck, right?"
 I can understand it when he says it like that.
 "Perhaps that's true."
 "Yeah. So, you've got to watch out for delusions! It's really bad."
 "What kind of delusions?"
 "Like... you know... big things like 'I want to marry a Goddess'? ' Or, for smaller things, 'If a little guy around here had a daughter as pretty as this girl...' You know what would happen, don't you?"
 "Hahaha, the little guy's story is one thing, but a goddess is something else."
 "Huff~ That ability of yours even erased my blow by itself, you know... So, a human Goddess might not be able to resist you... This is not a joke, be really careful... What will happen to you when you come back home and the goddess laughs then says 'I'm here to welcome you, Master' or something?"
 Well, that's really not good...
 "Come to think of it, my life has been pretty eventful... how come I spend a lot of boring hours doing nothing?"
 "Because you can have everything you want without trying... and it goes on forever, and if it were me, I wouldn't want that! Money, women, positions, treasures, they're worthless if you can get them easily... From now on, diamonds are as easy to get as pebbles, all women are as easy to get as whores, treasures are as easy to get just like a silver coin... Well, you'll realize it one day... This is my advice, and bye..."
 With that, the Black Dragon left the gold coin and walked out.
 I understood what he said.
 But if there is nothing I can do, just enjoy life now.
 That's all.

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