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Chapter 88 [Short Story] A Town Where I Don't Belong

 Zect’s POV
 When I went to the guild, there was a big sign on the wall.
 'Changes due to the truce with the Demon King'.
 What's this?
 I read it and it said that a truce had been signed between the demon and human sides... that's what it said.
 The problem is... we can't hunt monsters that can communicate.
 Simply put, goblins and orcs can be hunted for money.
 But for Ogre and above, in short, they can't be hunted for money... that's what it said.
 Moreover, the guild told its members to say a word when they meet them.
 It is basically the same for the other party...
 'It's over.'
 This has effectively eliminated the value of a high-ranking adventurer.
 Can an adventurer hunt an ogre or not?
 That is the borderline for adventurers, and their income goes up dramatically.
 But if they can't get paid for hunting anything more than an ogre, they have no chance to get a lot of money in the future.
 That is what it means.
 And now, the guild and the adventurers are still quarreling.
 "Why do I get nothing for hunting orc kings and orc generals?"
 "Those two types can talk, and as long as they can communicate, there shouldn't be any fighting in this truce."
 "Sure, they tried to leave without doing anything, but they're monsters."
 "Huff~ you hunted them when they didn't attack you... you're demoted..."
 "No way..."
 "Times have changed... and intelligent demons and monsters are moving to demon territory... and you hunted a monster that was trying to escape... you should be punished."
 "Oh no."
 Such a story can be found anywhere.
 Maybe the adventurer's days are over.
 After all, people can't make much money this way anymore.
 And the only ones who can make money are those who can hunt the dragon.
 The demons above the orcs can no longer be hunted and suddenly it's wyverns.
 But there are only a few who can hunt wyverns.
 This is, in effect, the end of the age of the adventurer.
 Well, if it was me, I can hunt wyverns and earth dragons.
 But only if I push myself a little... and right now I have a little money.
 Maybe I should go back to Jimna village.
 If my mother is in the capital, then my father must be in Jimna village.
 Well, I should go back to the village for a while and relax before thinking about it.
 So I decided to go back to Jimna village.
* * *
 When I returned to the village after a long time... what is this!
 It looks more like an open town than a village.
 Also, there is a gatekeeper standing at the entrance.
 "Welcome to Hero Ceres's Town! Welcome to Jimna town."
 Jimna town?
 I thought this was a village.
 And as soon as I walked in, I realized that this was definitely Jimna village.
 However, the area had widened considerably.
 The former dirt roads were now well paved, and there was a brick bridge over the river.
 Most of the crude wooden houses had been replaced by two-story brick houses.
 It was no longer a village, but a town in the countryside.
 Moreover... there were dozens of stores in the Adventurer's Guild.
 What is this place...? The bridge is called 'Ceres Bridge' and the street is called 'Ceres Street'.
 And in the middle of the town, there was a fountain and a statue of Ceres.
 What a joke... But for now, I headed for my house.
 On the way, I met the village head or the Mayor?
 "Hey... Isn't it Zect?"
 "Mayor Najim... it's been a while... and who's this?"
 "This is my wife... you must be jealous."
 I don't envy him at all. But wait, it's an elf, isn't it?
 "Isn't that an elf?"
 "Yes, my wife is an elf and I'm in love with her."
 Mayor Najim was holding hands with his wife and laughing as he said this.
 The elf woman also smiled beside him.
 "Well, we're going to have tea at the café... see you later."
 As I looked at Mayor Najim... his two advisors also were laughing together with the elf as they headed toward the cafe.
 There is no way that even the village chief is wealthy enough to afford an elf.
 And in fact... I really envy him.
 Compared to that elf, my three childhood friends and even Princess Marin are a blur...
 Still, what the hell happened?
 Anyway, I must go home first.
 And I saw my father inside the home.
 "Oh, what's up, Zect? I heard you quit being a Hero (Yuusha)."
 "Hahaha, father, I'm not even a match for the Four Heavenly Kings..."
 "Well... I'm sorry to hear that... so what are you going to do now?"
 "I think I'll stay in this village for a while... and become an adventurer again... and who is the girl beside you?"
 "Oh, I did some pretty bad things to Shizuko... but Ceres saved her, and after everything that happened... I remarried with this girl."
 "This girl... she looks younger than me..."
 "Well, she's pretty, isn't she?"
 "Hello, my name is Chihua. Nice to meet you."
 The girl, who introduced herself as Chihua, had a belly that was clearly growing.
 "Um... Father, the baby..."
 "Oh, she's pregnant... And I don't mind you staying because you're my son, but could you please leave here as soon as possible?"
 When I saw my father rubbing the belly of a little girl named Chihua, I knew there was no place for me here... that much was clear.

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