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Chapter 90 [Short Story] A Town Where I Don't Belong, Part Three

 Zect's POV

 I decided to leave my father's house.
 After all, it's hard to stay with some much squeaking sound even though Chihua-san have a big belly.
 You know, I can hear my father and Chihua-san, who's younger than me, next to my room all night long... and I can't sleep.
 Chihua-san is my father's wife, or stepmother if I may say so... and no matter how cute she is, she's out of my type.
 I understand that.
 But... being shown this way, even if Chihua-san is not my target, it's... kinda hard.
 I'm like Ceres now... Maria and the other two are out of his target group for him who like older women... but it still doesn't feel good to be shown their flirting at all hours of the day and night.
 Especially when I’m all alone.
 "Father, I'm going to the inn tonight."
 "Hahaha, I'm sorry about that."
 "I'm sorry, Zect-san... that my voice is too loud."
 "Don't worry about it... Rather, I should have been more considerate since you two are newlyweds... I'm sorry."
 Seeing the two of them blushing, I felt a strange feeling.
 I also remembered my mother and Ceres, who was supposed to be doing the 'married couple' thing.
 I know that love comes in many forms.
 And Sector, my father, is a womanizer, so it's a normal thing.
 But when both of my parents are having s*x with someone my age... I can't help but think it's 'creepy'...
 Especially Ceres... whose my mother used to slap him for his misbehavior... and I'm sure she even changed his diaper when he was a baby.
 And at one time, I thought they looked good together when they laughed... but when I heard about my father and Chihua-san... and thought about my mother and Ceres... it made me sick.
 Because... if they had a baby... it would be my brother or sister.
 Really, I'll just have to get used to it.
* * *
 "Welcome to the Adventurers Guild, Jimna Village Branch!"
 Why is Kaito here!?
 "Uncle Kaito, what are you doing?"
 "Oh, Zect? It's been a long time! I heard you quit being Hero (Yuusha)."
 "Well, it's been a long time..."
 "Hahaha, don't look so depressed, you'll be fine from now on."
 "Thank you very much for your consideration. Then, what are you doing in the guild?"
 Imprinting is scary. Even though I’m not a Hero (Yuusha), I'm still using honorifics tone. Well, it’s a habit.
 "I am the guild master of this guild... though it is a small guild with less than 30 registered adventurers... Still, it is an official guild with proper registration!"
 It must be difficult to register a guild of adventurers... Unless he/she is a nobleman, it is not possible to start a new guild.
 "Then, why did you decide to start an adventurers' guild? I've never heard you're an adventurer before."
 "Well, you know, when Ceres comes back to this village in the future, it would be better to have a guild, right?"
 "That's true... but I'm surprised your application for the guild was approved."
 "Of course, I put 'for Ceres' in the application and it was approved in a week, instead of the usual one-year wait... Plus, they built this building for free, which is amazing."
 Well, I feel sorry for the guild.
 Still, build a guild for Ceres in the Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres town?
 If such a thing were asked, there would be so much pressure from all parties to the adventure guild that they'd have no choice but to accept it right away.
 "Surely, if it was for Ceres..."
 "Hey, are you a customer?"
 "Ah, Eleanor, you know at least his name, don't you? He's Zect, former Hero (Yuusha)."
 "Hero (Yuusha) Zect! My name is Eleanor, vice-guild master and Kaito's wife... Nice to meet you!"
 "Nice to meet you too!"
 If I look at them normally, they look like a father and daughter, not a husband and wife. But I don't know why I suddenly thought...
 That's what came to my mind.
 Many married couples are very far apart in age from each other... For example, when I saw Ceres and my mother, I wouldn't think anything of it if they were not my relatives.
 But the moment I saw uncle Kaito and Eleanor-san, for some reason...I thought so.
 The reason is that... well, Eleanor-san and Mel look alike.
 The tanned-skin Eleanor and the white-skinned Mel... at first glance, they look quite different.
 But because I was Mel's childhood friend, I can see something similar.
 At first glance, they don't look alike, but if Mel were to get a healthy tan and change her hairstyle, she might look a lot like Eleanor.
 Perhaps Uncle Kaito is unaware of this.
 Well, there's no need to make a big deal out of it.
 "So, what can I do for you today? Zect-sama."
 Unlike before, uncle Kaito's face has changed to a Guildmaster-like expression.
 "Nothing much, I'm just looking around."
 "Well, since the truce with the demons, there's nothing to hunt around here but goblins, or whatever you call adventurers."
 It's true. The request sheets on the wall are full of jobs for hunters and farmers, such as helping to exterminate insects and exterminating boars.
 "How can someone make a living doing this?"
 "The cost of living is cheap around here. So you can make a normal living... But aren't you from this village, too? With five silver coins, you can make a living... Well, it seems you have forgotten that since you went to the town..."
 Indeed. Because the villager has been provided with enough crops, and there's a strong spirit of mutual aid, it’s enough...
 "That's true."
 "Well, even if you can't make a lot of money, it's a good town for those who are tired of fighting and want to live a carefree life, maybe not enough for you, but hunting bears and boars for 3 gold coins a month... that's not so bad either."
 "I see. I'll think about it."
 "Haha, you must be tired. Maybe you should take a break and live for a while."
 "Well, I'll just hang around for a while and think it over."
 "Go ahead, go ahead... if you have any problems, I'm here to help you."
 I walked away from the guild with my hands waving in the air.
 Really... My hometown has changed a lot... but for now, I need an inn.
 And after drinking ale at the tavern, I headed for the inn.

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