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Chapter 91 [Short Story] A Town Where I Don't Belong, Part Four

 Zect's POV

 When I'm alone and I think about it in the inn... I don't know what I wanted to do.
 What was I trying to do?
 "Hero (Yuusha)" is the ticket to everything.
 That's what I was told.
 I can get money, women, and status.
 That's what they said... except for Ceres.
 But only if I won... Only if I kept winning.
 However, if I lose in the middle, I lose my life, not just all my rights.
 So, I must come to my senses... there's no such thing as a stupid job like I did to Ceres.
 That stupid act is like a child...
 Really... If I had thought more carefully... maybe things would have turned out differently.
 Still, what should I do now?
 I can't come to a conclusion yet.
* * *
 The next morning, I went to Uncle Shuuto.
 "Uncle Shuuto, it's been a long time."
 "Oh, Zect-kun, isn't it? You must have been in a lot of trouble."
 Because of the seriousness of the situation, no one in this world doesn't know about my blunder.
 And like other, Uncle Shuuto is also remarried, and there was a beautiful woman beside him, looking like a young lady... but it was a bit disturbing.
 "Who is she?"
 "Nice to meet you, my name is Charlotte, Shuuto-san's wife... and please take good care of me..."
 "I see, my name is Zect. Nice to meet you too!"
 As I thought... this Charlotte-san is Maria's perfect counterpart.
 This is what Maria would look like if she put on her elegance.
 Still, why can't Uncle Shuuto see the resemblance to his own daughter?
 And if they're husband and wife, they're doing what they're supposed to do, right?
 Doing it with a woman my own age who looks like his daughter... well, if he doesn't notice, I don't have to tell him.
 "That's a lot of work."
 "That's true... but this store has grown up~"
 Indeed. It used to be a small general store, but now it is 10 times bigger than the old one... and there are 6 employees just by looking at them.
 "Yes, Ceres-kun used to talk about a 'convenience store', but recently the number of tourists and the population has increased, so we decided to open 24 hours and hire more people, my wife Charlotte is a good manager and runs 4 stores in the town."
 Come to think of it, there's another one half the size of this one right next to the inn.
 Really, who is this Ceres guy...?
 I feel like an idiot for thinking of him as a rival.
 Everyone seems happy in this town... there are no slums by the looks of it.
 But, at least now I know who Ceres is.
 He must be 'lonely'.
 He must have been 'lonely' when he was little and he doesn't like people around him to be in trouble.
 So, he worries about the people around him more than himself.
 Maybe I could have done the same thing because I was a Hero (Yuusha).
 But only if I spent everything I had on my 'home' and my 'loved ones'.
 However, Ceres is not extravagant at all when it comes to himself.
 It is as if he is giving 'everything' to his hometown, his wife, and his childhood friends.
 From this basis, I can't compete with such a person.
 Anyway, I'm glad I left my three childhood friends to him...
 If Ceres marries them, they'll compare me to the devoted ceres.
 After all, I'm sure, I'll fall apart soon.
 And I don't think any woman could resist him.
 Really... I can't beat him. He's such a badass, he was angry with the church and the king for my sake... even after I expelled him... and he fought against the dreadful Mammon for me.
 Maybe I'm one of the things he cares about.
 That's why he's allowed me to be so selfish.
 Still, this place isn't the home I know.
 Although it's a sweet home... and my friend Ceres is nice to me.
 But if I stay here or with Ceres, it will ruin things.
 I'll have to leave.
 So, I say goodbye to my father and the others and I leave town.
 Maybe I'll go to the Empire...
 After all, I'll have more time and freedom if I don't fight the Demon King.
 I can take my time and find something to do.

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