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Chapter 184 The Death of the Hero

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 Leon Brave is dead.
 When I heard the news, it hit me like a blow to the head.
 I had not seen Leon since before I went to the Maafern Kingdom. And the last time I saw him was when we met at the academy and crossed blades in a mock battle.
 At that time, I felt Leon's growth as he awakened to the job of "Hero (Yuusha)," and I was convinced that he would be able to do well without my care.
 That is why I felt at ease to go on an expedition to the Maafern Kingdom.
 And yet... unexpectedly, Leon is dead.
 The details were not mentioned in the letter from the "Death-Eating Bird". So, it could have been a false alarm.
 Still... I decided to return to the Slayers Kingdom quickly.
 In the beginning, I had planned to enjoy a trip in the desert on a dragon carriage.
 I planned to visit the villages and towns that I have not visited since I came to the Maafern Kingdom and collect some items and events.
 But then... things happened. I can't take my time now that I've heard the terrible news of the death of the main character.
 So, using the items I had in my magic bag, I returned to the Baskerville Marquis' mansion in the Slayers Kingdom in the shortest possible time.
 "Zenon-sama... Welcome home!"
 As soon as I open the door to the mansion, a woman who happens to be in the entrance hall jumps into my arms.
 Her golden hair smells of flowers. Her breasts also felt heavy against my chest.
 Yes, the woman, who generously pressed her breasts against me, which were superb in both size and texture, was Aeris Centorea.
 One of the main heroines in [DunBrave]. She is a priestess heroine who has the nickname of 'Saint of Centorea'.
 "I have been waiting for your return, Zenon-sama. Thank you for your safe return!"
 "Ah... oh, I'm sorry I left you in charge. Is everything all right?"
 I looked at Aeris, whom I hadn't seen in about a month.
 Aeris usually wears a Sisters (nun)' uniform, but today she is wearing a light blue one-piece dress.
 The dress with lace around the sleeves and neck looked good on Aeris, and the cleavage around her full breasts naturally caught my eye.
 I had never seen this dress before. It must have been loungewear she had bought while she was away.
 "Yes... And Zenon-sama, are you hurt? Are you feeling any pain?"
 Aeris said anxiously and touched me.
 I guessed she was trying to check if I was hurt or not... but why did she touch my body excessively?
 She touched my chest, my back, my waist, and my buttocks. But I stopped her when her fingers like a white fish tried to slip into the gap between my pants.
 "I'm sorry... but you can't go any further. If you goof around too much, we won't be able to have a serious conversation."
 "I-I'm sorry, I'm just... so paranoid all the time..."
 "Yes. When Zenon-sama comes back, this is what I'm going to do. I've been thinking about doing this every day... something so immodest..."
 "I-I see... that's my bad. I should have come home earlier."
 Aeris looked apologetic, and I pulled her face.
 It seems that I had left her too long.
 Still, what kind of fantasy was going on in her head? I was afraid to ask her any questions, so I gave a deliberate coughing sound and changed the subject.
 "Aeris... I heard the news that Leon is dead, is it true?"
 Aeris's face turns cloudy at my question.
 I could tell by the look on her face. The letter from the Death-Eating Bird was not a false alarm, but the truth.
 "...I want to hear the details. Can you tell me?"
 "...I don't know the details either. I think it would be better to hear it from Nagisa-san. She should be in her room at this time."
 "Okay... let's go talk to her then."
 "Ah... Wait a minute!"
 I was on my way to her room when Aeris grabbed my hand and stopped me.
 I turn around in wonderment... and I feel a soft touch on my lips.
 "I'm sorry... that's. I'll bear for the rest of it."
 "Then, I'll go make you some tea. And a simple meal. You can talk to Nagisa-san and wait for me."
 Aeris runs down the hallway.
 As I watch her back I touch my lips with my finger.
 "...She learned to put on makeup while I was gone, huh? Well, she's at that age."
 There was a light shade of pink lipstick on my hand. Come to think of it, I think I smelled a flowery perfume.
 Maybe it was not a coincidence that Aeris was at the entrance hall, but an ambush.
 Not only today, but maybe she has been waiting for me at the entrance hall every day?
 Anyway, I shook my head and shook off the dreadful imagination, heading for Nagisa's private room.

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