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Chapter 141 Is it My Fault?

 Protagonist’s POV
 "Ceres-sama, the kingdom is now in unprecedented danger! Help us!"
 On the other end of the crystal was the king, Zammarck IV.
 According to the story, Mammon's men have left the Demon King's army and are going to attack the kingdom.
 This urgent message was sent to the kingdom from the Demon King.
 "Ceres-sama, what are you going to do? Let's stop fishing for now!"
 Lida reaches for the last one.
 And in the end, I ate two of the fish.
 The rest can be dried and luckily, my storage bag is a high-quality one, so it has time stops magic inside and they don't spoil.
 "I guess I'll just have to go."
 "Yeah? And what about Mom?"
 That's the problem.
 I could just fly out there and solve this problem.
 But that would scare Shizuko and the others.
 "Tell Shizuko-san and the others that I'm going out because I've been summoned by the kingdom!"
 "Eh!? No, I don't want to! Ceres is fine, Mom and the others won't blame you! But if it's me, Mom, Aunt Shizuko, and the others won't spare me!"
 "Even so, you can't go, can you?"
 "That's true... but I'm the one to blame!"
 I certainly can't be blamed, but I don't want to see everyone in a bad mood.
 I mean, I have to live in an aura of 'we're in a bad mood' for about a week.
 This is something I have to be prepared for.
 But I'm not good at their words 'we're going with you' when I go.
 So, sorry Lida!
 "Lida, we're best friends, right? I don't want to give orders to my best friend Lida!"
 "But I..."
 "I saved you from Mammon, and I think I've helped you as a 'best friend' in my own way. Also, I don't want to order you to 'please' me because you're my vassal. So, I'm asking you as my best friend. Can't you do that for me?"
 It's the right word.
 After all, I don't think it's fair since I could give her an order because she's my vassal, but I don't want to.
 "Huff~ Ceres has become very unfair lately. Well, I owe you so much, I can't say no! Go ahead, I'll tell Mom and everyone. Though, I won't be responsible when you get back."
 He's calling me Ceres, not Ceres-sama, so she's talking to me as a childhood friend.
 Just like that.
 "Sorry, I'll get you something on the way back."
 "Sure! I'll look forward to it."
 "I'm off then."
* * *
 Oh no, I left the communication crystal connected.
 "King Zammark, I'm sorry, I'm on my way, I'll be right there."
 I was a little off to the side so he couldn't see me, but he might have heard my voice.
 "I'm glad you're coming, but how many people are coming? 10,000? 20,000?"
 What is he talking about?
 He must have seen part of my fight with Mammon through the communication crystal, right?
 "I'll go alone, that's all I need."
 "I have no disrespect for the hero Ceres-sama, but you are too reckless to fight an army by yourself!"
 "Mammon was a symbol of power and violence, his subordinates must be the same type, they probably won't be satisfied if I defeat him by some desperate means! So, there may be a way to peace if I fight them head-on."
 "But that's reckless."
 "Then, if I lose, you'll have to make a move, but I'll take go first."
 "No way."
 "Anyway, see you later."
 Mammon was a hard-headed type.
 The type who rides alone and fights with strength.
 And though he could be cruel, he fought fair in battle.
 Such a man's men would never do a cowardly thing.
 Besides, I am a Dragon Lord and a Yellow Dragon.
 If they are cowards, let them die.
 But if they are fair, I won't be cruel if I can help it.
 Besides, I might be able to make things right.
 "Then, Lida, this time, take care of it!"
 "Though, I don't want to be asked to do it! I can't help it if Ceres asks, you know... I'm useless now that I'm your vassal... but be prepared for a lecture from Mom and the others when you get back..."
 "Okay... Dragonwing!"
 I spread my wings and soared into the sky.
* * *
 To get from the Kingdom to the Demon Kingdom, I need to go beyond the Galvin Empire and the Holy Land of Gandar.
 But how is that going to work?
 Even if I fly to the Dhamar Kingdom, it will be meaningless if a battle happens in front of the kingdom.
 Worst-case scenario, I'll meet them in the empire.
 Maybe I need to do "that".
 There is still time, after all.
 Well, my flight speed is now many times faster than that of a wyvern.
 And it's like an airplane in my previous life.
 Thinking so, I've made contact with the communication crystal.
 It seems the Empire has decided to let me pass through.
 Well, if they harm the Empire, Zect and the Knights will take care of it.
 And then, the Holy Church also decided to let me pass by.
 Still, the two countries seemed to have been informed by the Demon King that he would send a demon tribe to accompany them, to make sure that they would not be harmed by the Mammon's men.
 And from what was said, it seems that the Demon Kingdom would like to keep the discussion as 'Mammon's men vs. the Kingdom' and not as 'mankind vs. the Demons' so as not to make it a big battle.
 It is said that one of the Four Heavenly Kings committed suicide, another was executed, and another was imprisoned.
 After all this, and after being informed in advance, it would be harsh to hold the Demon Kingdom or the Demon King responsible.
 The reason why the army of Mammon's men has not stopped is nothing but 'avenging Mammon's' enemies.
 And it was me who killed Mammon.
 So, I'm the real enemy, not the kingdom.
 Nobody else matters.
 This is all my fault.

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