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Chapter 186 Expedition from the Return

 I had just returned from a neighboring country and immediately went to the trading city of 'Alteriore' in the east.
 The purpose is to find out if Leon Brave is alive or dead. From the reports I have heard, it is hopeless to know whether he survived or not... but still, I cannot help but to check with my own eyes.
 We get into the carriage and ride eastward along the road, even though it is already dark.
 "You two could have stayed at home, you know. You must be tired, too."
 "No, that's not the way it works! We are Zenon-sama's party members!"
 Aeris, the party's healer, patted her plump breast. As she did so, her huge breasts covered by the sisters' clothes bounced up and down.
 "Indeed. I can't sleep while my Lord is going to the battlefield. Besides, don't you need directions?"
 Nagisa, sitting next to Aeris, agreed.
 She, too, was dressed in light blue kimono and fully armed with a sword.
 Even though it was already late at night... Aeris and Nagisa naturally asked to accompany me when I went out.
 They are truly, I think, too good a companion for me.
 "Zzzzz... I can't eat anymore..."
 By the way, another party member, Urza, the oni girl, is sleeping next to me. She had a cute face like a cat taking a nap in the sun, and she was drooling with her head resting on my shoulder.
 Like me, she was probably tired from the long trip she had just returned from. Well, she fell asleep as soon as we got into the carriage.
 As an additional note, Levienna, the maid, is staying at the Baskerville family's mansion.
 The carriage with four seats is over capacity. Moreover, since I became the head of the family, she has been promoted to the chief maid, and she has a lot of work to do while I'm away.
 "Zzzz, Goshujin-sama... Urza has given birth to a healthy little oni..."
 "...Hey, what kind of dream is this girl having? It's too disturbing."
 My facial muscles tighten at this potentially misleading bedtime talk.
 In protest, I peck Urza's cheek, who is sleeping happily.
 "I don't mean to bother you at a time like this, but... I'm glad to hear that Urza-san is doing well. Of course, Zenon-sama is too."
 "Hmm, yes. People don't change in a month or so."
 I shrug my shoulders in reply to Aeris's sincerity.
 "Well, there were a lot of things that happened in the Maafern Kingdom, but nothing that changed me as a person. We just kill people we don't like and that's it. Everything's the same as it ever was."
 "Really? But I could smell 'another woman's scent' so I thought you've had a terrible experience."
 I gush at the unexpected surprise from Aeris.
 I can't hold back. I overreacted to the unexpected words. It's almost like an affirmation.
 "Oh... it seems to be right. After all, Zenon-sama is nice and good-looking, and very kind. I thought it could be like that."
 "Kuh... did you try to fool me? You're a saint, but you're a bad influence...!"
 "Really? But you have other women's scents, you know? Zenon-sama now smells of a beautiful woman with brown skin and jade hair. Or is the mixture of two slightly different scents caused by the two sisters serving together?"
 "Hey, are you an esper!?"
 Even dogs don't have such a good sense of smell. How could she have guessed the color of their hair and skin from their smell?
 "Well... there's another smell of a little girl with red hair, isn't there? This one seems to have a lighter smell, and there seems to be no physical relationship yet... She looks like a young girl, but she seems to be somewhat old. Is it because, like Urza-san, her real age is different from her appearance? She must be at least a hundred years old."
 "...You are the most unpleasant sommelier in the world. Please don't smell me again."
 The world's first. The cheat sommelier is born.
 Well... although Aeris and I are nominally engaged, we're actually more like lovers. Maybe it's not what one would call cheating.
 "Hmm... I've noticed it too, you know? I felt the presence of another woman."
 "You too!?"
 Nagisa joins the conversation.
 No, why are they bringing this up?
 "I don't know the color of their hair or skin but I can tell that they are strong women in their own right. Warriors with magic and swords, mages specializing in rear-guard support. And then... there's the presence of this seeming non-human. She must be a strong person of extraordinary level."
 "Are you an esper too!?"
 She is talking like a master of the sword. Well, surely she is an expert in the art of swordsmanship.
 Still, Aeris and Nagisa are talking about this topic while I'm shaking and sweating down my spine.
 "I knew there was a new woman... and I expected it, but when three of them appear at once, as expected of Zenon-sama..."
 "Yeah, the fact that he has so many women and not a single one of them seems to be incompetent must mean that he is truly our Lord. But I can't afford to be lazy either! I must work harder and harder!"
 "Yes. I also have to improve myself not only as a fighter but also as a woman. As a legitimate wife, I will surely win the favor of Zenon-sama!"
 "Me too, I have no intention of losing. Let them know that women in Zipangu are devoted women!"
 "...you guys know what's going on, don't you?"
 The main character, Leon Brave, is dead, and I think the situation is quite urgent.
 Well, they don't know about the game... but still, wasn't Leon their classmate and friend?
 "Isn't Leon-sama in God's hands? Then there is no need to grieve for him. We can pray for his soul."
 "That's right. He died fighting as a warrior. As my Lord said earlier, I don't think I need to feel responsible for his death."
 No, it's too cold.
 I've heard it said that women are quicker to accept issues like life and death than men... and it seems to be true for them.
 "However... if it was Zenon-sama who died, I will do my best to find a way to bring you back to life. If not, don't worry, I'll be following you soon."
 "Yes. I will do my best to avenge you too. But after I beat the enemies to hell, I will martyr myself so you won't miss me so much. My Lord!"
 "It's too heavy... give me a break!"
 Seriously... I look away with a delicate heart.
 Aeris and Nagisa. They were supposed to be Leon's heroines, but they had become my women.
 Feeling sorry for Leon once again... I headed for the eastern trading city to see if he was alive or dead.

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