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Chapter 143 Fight

 Protagonist's POV

 I have positioned myself on a plain surrounded by mountains near the Dhamar Kingdom.
 There, I intend to fight the remnants of Mammon.
 It seems that both the Empire and the Holy Church have made it through without incident.
 Anyway, I put away my wings and return to my normal human state.
 But what should I do?
 It's easy enough to defeat them.
 If I change into dragon form and fight, I can overwhelm them one way or the other.
 Even against so many opponents, it may take me an hour to kill them all, maybe less than half an hour if I'm lucky.
 But is that enough?
 Even if they are discarded by the Demon King, they are still one of the armies of the Four Heavenly Kings.
 I don't know the actual number, but if it is simply divided by the number of the Four Heavenly Kings, it will be a quarter of their army.
 Killing such a number of people would surely leave a grudge.
 After all, since they live in the same country, Mammon's army here must have friends and family in the country.
 There is no way that they would not resent the killers of their friends and family members.
 And even if the situation is settled now, there is a strong possibility that the spark will explode one day and lead to another war.
 Moreover, if it is known that I took the form of a dragon and fought, people will think that the dragon kingdom joined the war, and the relationship between the three countries will be at odds.
 That is why I have to limit myself to this battle.
 I will fight, trying to take human form as much as possible, and not turn completely into a dragon.
 I will fight with as few deaths as possible, and I will use force to defeat them.
 Yes, this is not a war.
 This is a 'fight'.
 A fight between Mammon's army and me.
 That's the best way.
 Now, I see Mammon's army appear with a cloud of smoke.
 Oh, great!
 They're all small Mammon.
 In other words, macho.
 They look like a bunch of bodybuilders or wrestlers.
 "Are you the human messenger?"
 What are you talking about?
 "You're frozen up when you see this many demons, huh! My name is Darkgoldar! One of the Four Heavenly Kings! I've brought them this far without trouble! But that's all the Demon King has promised! My work here is done... but are you sure you can handle this on your own?"
 Indeed, the crowd is so much that I can hardly see their backs.
 Normally, there is no way I'm going to be alone.
 "My name is Ceres, and on the human side people call me 'Hero (Eiyuu)'! And I am the one who defeated your leader, Mammon!"
 "You killed Mammon? You'll die! My work here is done. Then I'm leaving!"
 Darkgoldar and the others leave.
 All that was left was Mammon's army of men.
 All of them have a grudge against me.
 "Are you a louse? Or is this a trap? Are you so stupid as to think you're the only one against this many!"
 Put yourself in their shoes.
 That's where the dialogue should start.
 "Mammon, your leader, was 'that kind of a man'! He was the kind of man who fought alone without relying on numbers, whether in a country or in a fortress, a hero on the side of the demons! He was a man who gave hope to his friends and despair to his enemies."
 "My name is Zorba! This army has already left the control of the Demon King, that's why there are no Four Heavenly Kings, so I'm the leader for the time being! I see, you know Mammon-sama well even though you're his enemy! Keep going! I'll listen to you!"
 Mammon was a man like the generals of the Three Kingdoms in my previous world.
 I don't know if he was Lu Bu or Guan Yu, but he was a muscular guy, but somehow a guy I would admire.
 Though he has a cruel side, he is not a coward when it comes to fighting.
 "It was a 'fight'! It was a fight between a great man named Mammon and me! A fight for each other's will, a fight for something important that we cannot compromise! No matter who wins or loses, it was a fight! And the only thing that matters is that the scales tipped in my favor and I won, and Mammon died, that's all!"
 At least in my life, he was the second strongest enemy after the Black Dragon.
 "I see your point! And I know who you are! But we have no place to return to! We can't back down! Even if you have a good reason!"
 "I don't ask you to back down! Let's fight like Mammon and I did then! That time Mammon fought me after he attacked the city and defeated Hero (Yuusha)'s party. So this time I'll fight all of you! I bet it'll be fun!"
 Look, I'm not a muscle-head!
 I just talking about this kind of stuff that I remembered from my previous life in manga and novels!
 Still, Mammon's men will get on board with it!
 That's what I thought.
 "Hey, what an interesting guy! You;re just like Mammon-sama! Alright, I'm in! You're all in, right!? Fight! Let's fighttt! This guy, or Ceres, we won't go to the kingdom unless we beat you! I promise you that!"
 You read me, huh!
 "Thank you for that! Now come at me from wherever you want!"
 Thus, the fight between Mammon's army and me is about to begin!

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