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Chapter 166 The Truth is Different

 Protagonist’s POV
 I wonder who made this...
 I made a reservation in advance at Kohane Daigoku-en.
 It is a beautiful Japanese-style inn that reminds me of my previous life.
 A stay in such an amazing in would cost about 50,000 yen per night per person in Japan.
 Such an amazing building in another world... amazing.
 Past reincarnated people... How could they build something like this out of nothing?
 I guess anything's possible now.
 "Wow, Ceres-kun... I don't know how to say this but it looks really nice."
 "Ceres, it's amazing, it's a castle differently... yeah."
 "Ceres-san, this is the most amazing inn I've ever seen."
 "Ceres-chan, I've never seen such an unusual building."
 I can understand why people say that.
 If I were to look at this place alone, it would look like Japan.
 No, this is the only place in the whole world that looks like Japan.
 I could almost believe it... this place is Japan.
 "Yeah, it's really amazing! Very amazing..."
 I'm a reincarnated person, so it's no surprise that everyone is surprised.
 """"Welcome, Ceres-sama, the King of Kohane! ~"""""
 As if to welcome us... some women in kimonos in here...?
 But what are they wearing?! Hey, past reincarnated people!!
 I know they're wearing kimonos.
 Yes... it's a kimono... but... no!
 Why is it so short... a mini-skirt kimono?
 Such as that.
 It's not a strange kimono, it's a normal kimono, but a kimono that's about 20cm above the knees, that's the closest I can think of.
 And they are wearing cat ears.
 "Ceres-kun, what are you looking at?"
 "Ceres, don't stare at a girl's legs, it's embarrassing."
 "I see, I see, Ceres-san is a boy too... what can we do?"
 "Ceres-chan, can I talk to you later?"
 "No, it's not like that! Kimonos are so rare, I was just looking at them."
 "Oh my, dear guest, you know about kimonos, you're quite a connoisseur!"
 "Yes, I've read about them in books, but this is the first time I've seen a real one, so I was surprised."
 "Well, you can't see it except in a place like this, so it's certainly a rarity."
 Shizuko and the other four look at me quizzically but it seems that the crisis has passed.
 "Then, let's get your baggage... oh, my..."
 "Oh, if it's our luggage, it's in the storage bag, don't worry!"
 "Is that so? This time we have reserved the entire room, so don't worry! Let us show you to the platinum suite which is the pride of this inn."
 The kimono-clad woman led us to the room first...
 But, on the stairs, I was surprised.
 I was surprised to see something that I shouldn't see.
 I couldn't believe my eyes that I was looking at the wrong thing... but Shizuko and the others behind me looked surprised too... so I knew I wasn't looking at the wrong thing.
 "Uhh... You forgot to put on your underwear."
 I whispered a warning...
 "I refuse to wear underwear! Dear guest, when wearing a kimono, you're not supposed to wear underwear. Didn't the guest know this much? Well, I was very embarrassed at first, but I heard that this is the 'official attire' in other worlds. Now I'm used to it and feel proud of it."
 The woman proudly puts her chest out, and I say to her...
 "I see..."
 That was all I could say.
 But the past reincarnated and transported people, they can do whatever they want...
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan)... another world is amazing.""""
 Well, Shizuko and the others also think so..."
 I could only say.
 The real 'Japan' is different.
 I can't argue with that!

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