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Chapter 167 Outdoor Bath

 Protagonist’s POV
 "It's really great!"
 "Ceres-kun... this is great!"
 "This is the tatami I've heard so much about!? Ceres, isn't that right...?"
 "No way, Ceres-san, there's a bath in the room."
 "Is this what you call "otherworldly taste"? Ceres-chan..."
 "Yeah, it's really great."
 I can only say that.
 Because I have memories of my previous life and know the real Japan, I am amazed at how well it has been recreated.
 This is a luxury Japanese inn, just like it should be.
 "This is not all! Even though there is a bath in the room, this inn is for private use, and there is a large outdoor bath, so please enjoy it. Why don't dear guests go ahead and take a bath first? I'll prepare the meal in the meantime."
 It's hard to say, 'Shall we take a bath together?'.
 "Ceres-kun, would you like to take a bath first?"
 "Ceres, let's go to the outdoor bath first."
 "Ceres-san, an outdoor bath. I'm looking forward to it."
 "Ceres-chan, I wonder why there's a bath outside..."
 "Shall we go then?"
 This is what I like about them... they know what I want to do.
 It's hard to do this with young girls.
 Besides, they're all beautiful women to my liking...
* * *
 What... no mixed bath?
 "Then, Ceres-san, see you later."
 "Ceres... maybe you think it's a shame?"
 "Ceres-san, I'm also a little disappointed."
 "Yes, it's a pity, but it can't be helped."
 A curtain is hung in a typical hot spring bathhouse.
 Was I a fool to think that hot spring = mixed bathing?
 "Well then, dear guests, please change into your bathing suits before entering the baths... and enjoy the hot spring. Then, I'll prepare the food when you get out of the bath."
 We thanked each other and went into the hot spring together in a separate way.
 Alone, I feel a little lonely...
 But after I took off my clothes in the changing room and entered the hot spring...
 "Eh... Ceres-kun? Why are you here? It's not good."
 "Ceres, did you come into the women's bath? You should leave."
 "Ceres-chan, this is not good."
 "Uhh... that's the entrance I came in from."
 However, the bathing suit is also amazing.
 It is made of a very thin white fabric, and the front part is tied with several strings.
 And it is transparent.
 Even though it is not wet with hot water, it is faintly see-through...that's for sure.
 But the past reincarnated and transported people are really doing whatever they want to do.
 In a way, it's amazing.
 """"No way, we are together with Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan)!!""""
 "Ahaha, I want to see it."
 I remember a hot spring like this... it's pretty well built.
 It's a solid rock bath... amazing.
 They really have recreated it too well.
 "So Ceres-kun... do you want to join us?"
 "Ceres, why are you blushing?"
 "Ceres-san, haven't you seen enough?"
 "Ceres-chan, seeing this old lady's body doesn't turn you on anymore, does it?"
 No, I'm not tired of looking at them.
 All four of them are older 'beauties' in my opinion, although they are all of the different types.
 It's such a shame that such wonderful beauties are treated like old ladies in this world.
 "I never get tired of looking at you all! If I'm not careful, I could get a nosebleed.:
 "Ah, geez... no more Ceres-san... this old lady... I haven't been doing this for a while... Then, I'll play with you later... "
 "Ceres... you really never get tired of me, I may have a baby face and I may look young... but I'm Maria's mother... Well, really, it's okay."
 "Ceres-san, I am an old lady, you know? Even so... well~, I'm happy to play with you as much as you want until Ceres-san gets tired of me."
 "Ceres-chan, you totally... I'm fine with it too."
 I think it's really too early in this world to be treated like an 'old woman'.
 To not treat a woman like a woman in her mid-twenties is a real shame.
 To me, a woman has to be about this age to be considered a woman.
 To be frank, no young girl has femininity and receptiveness by any means.
 Well, I'm a boy in this world, so I guess I'm a babacon to everyone around me.
 But... it doesn't matter.
 "Well, then..."
 "Ceres-kun... your nose is bleeding."
 "Ceres... nosebleed..."
 "Ceres-san, here, let me wipe it off for you."
 I took the towel from Sayo and put it on my nose.
 "Thank you..."
 "Ceres-chan, did you get hot in the water yet?"
 "No, it's not that... but..."
 "It can't be, Ceres-kun, did you get excited by this? It's a little transparent, but that's all."
 "Well... Ceres, I'm sure you've seen much more than this."
 "Ufufufu... it makes me happy as a woman that Ceres-san is excited by my body like this."
 "But Ceres-chan really likes us... only Ceres-chan would be excited to see an old lady's body like this."
 I'm sure it's more amazing naked... but the way the thin fabric of their clothes sticks to their skin and shows through... it's so, so sexy.
 "It's so beautiful, it's so exciting..."
 "Ah, geez, hehehe, then, I'm going to work hard for Ceres-kun tonight?"
 "Hahaha, Ceres, I can't help it at all~I'll do my best then."
 "Ceres-san, it's really great that I can be desired by a man again at your age, and since you're young, I'll do my best tonight."
 "Ceres-chan is really... Then, I'll do my best tonight too."
 They looked so sexy in their bathing suits, but... the fact that they were saying such things... made my mind wander and made me feel less erotic.

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