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Chapter 202 Class Change

 After that, we continued to move deeper into the dungeon.
 We encountered many monsters along the way, but we were able to defeat them without any difficulty.
 The monsters in this dungeon are much weaker than we are now. Even when we went deeper into the dungeon, their strength did not change that much.
 Instead, it is our strength that changes. In other words, Monica's fighting ability.
 "Eii~! Aaa!"
 Monica's serpentine sword slashes through the giant fly.
 The fly crashes down and sinks to the ground. Monica jumps up and stomps on the head of the fly, finishing it off.
 "Whew, I got it!"
 Monica raised her right hand cheerfully.
 As the battle went on, Monica's strength became more and more sharp. She had been a plain village girl, but now she was a full-fledged swordsman wielding a serpentine sword.
 Seeing Monica slaying monsters with her whip-like blade, no one would think that she is diving into a dungeon for the first time today.
 Already Monica's fighting skills had moved beyond the beginner's level, and she was able to fight reasonably well without our overprotective support.
 After the battle, Monica suddenly stops moving.
 She suddenly stands still and puts her left hand on her head.
 "Is something wrong, Monica?"
 Aeris notices something wrong with Monica and rushes over to her.
 "If you are hurt, I can help you... is there anything that hurts?"
 "No, there is no pain anywhere... What is it? Suddenly I heard voices in my head..."
 "Voices? Maybe...?"
 Aeris turned her head toward me. I nodded back at her.
 "It seems you can change your class now."
 Class change.
 It is a way to change to a higher level of occupation by meeting certain conditions.
 A novice 'monk' can change his class to 'saint' or 'saintess' by improving his/her skill in [healing magic] or [support magic] to a certain level.
 Although there are various conditions for class change... the condition for a 'villager (civilian)' to change class was to raise the sum of the three skills he/she has mastered to '50' or more.
Monica Brave
Job: Villager (Civilian) Class change available!
 Swordsmanship 15
 Cleaning 32
 Hero's Blood 3
 That is the reason why she didn't removed [cleaning], which is not a combat skill, and did not let her learn a new skill. I told her to kept [cleaning], which was the highest skill from the beginning, because I wanted her proficiency total to be more than '50'.
 "Listen to the voice in your head. It is the oracle of the goddess."
 "An oracle...?"
 Yes, an oracle.
 When the conditions for class change are met, the voice in one's head will tell one which job one can change to.
 Of course, in the game, the oracle is not a vague expression, but a text that appears on the screen.
 "When it comes to oracles, something about them makes you feel bad... but anyway, what is that voice echoing in your head saying?"
 "Uhh... I can change my occupation to 'warrior', 'sorcerer', 'priest', 'thief', 'fighter'. And 'maid' and 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)'?
 "War Maiden (Valkyrie)?"
 I know the first five professions. They are called 'the five basic occupations', and they are the occupations that always appear in the choices when a 'villager' changes their class.
 The problem is the remaining two special professions. These are the professions that have emerged based on the current skill structure and Monica's own qualities.
 The 'maid' came up because of her high [cleaning] skill... But 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)'?"
 "Hmm... I've never heard of this profession. Do you know it, my Lord?"
 Nagisa, who was listening to the conversation next to me, asks.
 Urza and Aeris looked at me curiously.
 "No... I have never heard of such a job too."
 Yes... never heard of it.
 I've played the game more than a dozen times, and I'm sure I've conquered all the additional scenarios, but I've never heard of such a job.
 Of course, I know what the word means.
 It is a word that often appears in games and manga. It may be a job named after a goddess in Norse mythology, but such a job did not appear in [DunBrave].
 "So it's an original job only for Monica... That's interesting."
 In the game, Monica is an unfortunate heroine who is captured by Zenon Baskerville and is played with as he pleases.
 She never joins the group and never participates in battle.
 But as a member of a lineage of heroes and Leon's little sister, I have seen Monica's high potential many times in this exploration... However, it is surprising that she can learn her own original occupation.
 "Uhh... Which one should I choose? A warrior or something like that?"
 "No, if possible, I'd like you to choose 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)' here."
 I told Monica, who seemed to be having a hard time deciding.
 Like my 'Dark Lord' and Leon's 'Hero', there are many powerful original occupations that only a specific character can take on.
 Monica's 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)' must be one of them. At least, it is not weaker than the other five basic professions.
 "Of course, I don't mean to force you. If you don't like it, choose something else."
 But... that's my choice.
 Monica's life depends on it. There is a way to choose another job, but it would take time and effort.
 If Monica had to choose another job, I had no right to force her to do so.
 "Oh, yeah. I get it. I'd like to be a 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)'..."
 But Monica chose the 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)' without hesitation.
 It was a decision that could affect her life. She made her decision as casually as if she were choosing a menu item at a regular job.
 Monica's body is enveloped in a white light.
 When she checked her status on the item, she found that her job had changed to "War Maiden (Valkyrie)".
 "Hey, hey, hey... are you sure about this?"
 "Am I sure? Yes, I'm sure. Because that's what Onii-san wants me to do, right?"
 "Well, yeah, but..."
 "You know, when I met you, Onii-san, you didn't seem like a stranger to me."
 Monica looked into my face with her almond-shaped eyes.
 "I was scared at first. But then I remembered the time Onii-san saved me and I got nervous and couldn't sleep. Being in the dark basement with Onii-san... it feels like this has happened to me before."
 Together in the cellar.
 That would be when I rescued Monica from the clutches of a corrupt aristocrat... but there's another, more pertinent situation.
 There is another situation that is relevant... the event in "DunBrave 2" where I... or rather Zenon Baskerville kidnaps Monica and her mother, and trains them in the basement.
 Monica, who is not a Priestess, should not be able to foresee this...
 "What does this mean? Perhaps, memories of a past life?"
 "...Don't worry about it. At least for now."
 I shook my head slowly and put the question on hold.
 Anyway, Monica has changed her class from 'villager' to 'war maiden (Valkyrie)'.
 What kind of changes have occurred with the change of class... will be revealed soon.

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