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Chapter 203 War Maiden (Valkyrie)

 The first battle broke out soon after Monica changed her class.
 It was a big centipede monster. An insect-shaped monster called 'Poison Chain' appeared.
 Monica swung her serpentine sword, which sliced through the centipede's body.
 Although it was an insect-shaped monster with a hard shell, Monica's sword hit the soft parts of the joints precisely.
 'Screech! Screech!'
 "Nggh! You're too slow!"
 Poison Chain bites at her in agony, but Monica evades with a light backstep and swings her serpentine sword again.
 Evade. Attack.
 Evade. Attack. Attack.
 Evade. Attack. Attack. Attack. Evade. And then, attack again.
 She was fighting well.
 If it was only one enemy, she was able to defeat it by herself without any help from me or Nagisa.
 Of course, she would have had a harder time without Aeris's support magic... but still, she would not have lost the battle.
 Nevertheless, she was able to fight with such a comfortable margin.
 "...That's amazing. I thought she had a good sense, but now that she has changed her class, her movements have been refined."
 "Yes, her movements are very sophisticated...to be honest, if you ask me if I could move like that when I was her age, it would be difficult."
 Nagisa agreed with my comment.
 Perhaps it's her hero blood, or perhaps it's the effect of her new job as a 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)'... Monica is clearly able to move and fight far beyond her age.
 Of course, she is far behind me, Nagisa, Urza and others at this point, but she may have surpassed us in terms of potential.
 "It's really a golden egg. Like a cat turned into a lion."
 "O-Onii-san! It's done!"
 The battle is over.
 Monica returns to us after deftly dismantling the big centipede with her serpentine sword.
 Monica, who had a big smile on her young face, did not have any noticeable wounds. Her forehead was sweating, but she was unharmed.
 "Well done... no, it was really amazingly brilliant."
 "Yay, I'm being praised."
 Monica jumps up and down.
 It's an innocent, childish gesture. It's so adorable.
 Come to think of it... I've been surrounded by age-disguised-looking Loli like Urza, but this may be the first time I've come in contact with a genuinely little girl.
 I've met a few little girls who were mob characters in quests and events... but they all either ran away or cried when they saw my evil face.
 "Maybe it's rare to find a loli who isn't afraid of me... Though I'm not saying that's a problem."
 I shook my head slowly and took some items out of my bag and handed them to Monica.
 "...What's this, Onii-san?"
 "It's a skill orb. You can use it."
 What I handed her was an item necessary to learn a skill... in other words, a skill orb.
 After a few times of fighting with monsters, I could get a rough idea of the job of the 'War Maiden (Valkyrie)'.
 Based on her fighting style, I select some useful skills and give it to her.
 "I don't know the job of 'war maidens (valkryie)'. So I don't know what skills You're good at. The skill orbs I just gave you are duplicates of the ones I already have, so I don't care if they go to waste. Learn them."
 Monica's job—'War Maiden (valkryie)'—is a special job that did not appear in the game. In other words, even I, a serious gamer, don't know the information about it.
 Since I did not know what kind of skills she needed to acquire to be useful, I could not help but train her.
 But... she will surely get stronger.
 If I am right, 'War Maiden (valkryie)' is a job comparable to Leon's 'Hero' and my 'Dark Lord'.
 If I train her, she might be the one of the arrows that can shoot through the heart of the Demon King.
 "Yes! Thank you, Onii-san!"
 Monica hugged me.
 She smiled like the sun. A pure face, not a hint of flirtation.
 "You know, Monica love Zenon-oniisan second only to Leon-onii-chan!"
 "I see... that's good."
 I could only flinch and scowl at the straightforwardness of her favor.
 "Hey... Everyone, look at this. Monica has a woman's face, doesn't she?"
 "Oh, a new enemy. She's going to be a powerful enemy."
 "Gasp... She looks tough... Another loli other than Urza, desu~no"
 Seeing us, Aeris, Nagisa, and Urza were shivering, sensing the arrival of a new rising star.

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