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Chapter 174 UMA?

 Protagonist’s POV
 Needless to say, I rested early this evening after working hard yesterday.
 I can do it as much as I want, but I don't think Shizuko and the others will be able to handle it.
 Then, having worked hard until morning yesterday, we had a crabmeat dinner and soaked in the hot spring... all four of them fell asleep, probably because they were so tired. But I...
 "I want to go away for a while..."
 I called out to the sleeping Shizuko and the others, and jumped out of the window into the sky.
 "Dragon wing!"
 If the water dragon are the reason we can't get on the ship, that's easy.
 I am the Yellow Dragon of the Dragon Lords.
 All I have to do is ask.
* * *
 Now, I've flown to the Ude's Lake.
 People said there's a legendary water dragon called the God of Water at the bottom of this lake.
 So, I dove straight into the lake.
 Still, the dragon's body is very useful.
 It makes it possible to move freely from the water to the volcano without any restrictions, even as a human.
 But... it's weird.
 A water dragon should like clean water, but this lake is clean on the surface but not at the bottom.
 And if this is the pattern so far, dragons should have come out as soon as they felt my presence... but... they didn't.
 Something's not right.
 "Dragon ears."
 I've released one of my dragon abilities.
 There's definitely something big here.
 But it's not a dragon.
 But what exactly is there...?
 There's something crawling around on the bottom of the lake.
 What is it?
 I don't know, but it's not a dragon.
 But from these tracks, it's definitely big enough to be a dragon.
 There is something here that is not a dragon, but something comparable to a dragon.
 If a human encounter with such creature... there is a possibility that it would devour them.
 Well, I'd just have to pierce its belly...
 I've transformed into a yellow dragon, a dragon lord, as big as a small castle.
 With this, I can handle any creature... no problem!
 And so, after an hour of searching... it was there.
 'Rumble... Rumble...'
 What is this creature?
 This is definitely a dragon.
 Not the otherworldly type... more like an oriental dragon like the one from the previous world.
 'Who are you!?'
 'Rumble... Rumble...'
 It seems that dialogue is no longer an option... and I have no choice but to fight.
 So, I bite the dragon-like creature and head for the surface.
 What is this thing? I bite it with the intention of biting something hard, but it has no scales.
 The closest thing to it might be an eel or a catfish.
 And as I went straight to the surface, spread my wings, and flew out.
 The creature, I don't know what it is... it's tangled up with me.
 Purple fluid, not blood, oozed out from where I had bitten it.
 This fluid makes me tingle a little.
 If I, a dragon lord, am tingling, my body must be melting if I am a bad creature.
 Perhaps even Mammon might get burned by this bodily fluid.
 Now, I swung the dragon above the sky, and its body was easily torn into pieces.
 However, this mysterious creature at the end of the fall... was already dead.
 But what is this creature?
 Its face... is different from that of an ordinary creature.
 If I had to guess, it looked like a slug or a snail, but it looked like a tentacle, the tip of which had eyes.
 It had a mouth-like structure but no teeth.
 But from it sprouted numerous anemone-like tentacles.
 Its body is green, but it is not an eel.
 A sea cucumber? Anaspidea... What the hell is this thing!?
 I don't know what this creature is, but it is a mysterious creature about the size of a large dragon.
 I could get away with this because I was a dragon lord... but a smaller dragon might have gotten the better of me.
 And it is not compatible with humans.
 If it is cut without knowing the secret of its bodily fluids, they will probably be exposed to sulfuric acid... and their lives will be over.
 Fortunately, it didn't bump into Shizuko and the others.
 If this creature had attacked, they would have been in trouble.
 "Dragon Breath"
 Apparently weak to fire, it burns easily and finally vanishes as if evaporating without leaving any ashes.
 Maybe it was a watery creature with no bones.
 I dove into the lake again, just in case there were others... but there seemed to be no others.
 I don't know what it is.
 And I've never seen anything like it in this world or in any of my previous lives.
 Is it UMA...? I didn't think they existed in other worlds.

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