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Chapter 173 Acorn Necklace

 Protagonist’s POV
 "But, why can't we take a swan boat?"
 That's weird, no matter what you think.
 The weather's nice today.
 And looking at the lake, there is no sign of waves.
 It's really warm, and on a day like this, it's nice to be in the water.
 So it's weird why we can't go boating.
 "Well, it seems that the God of the water is acting up at the bottom of the lake, and that's why the boats are not allowed to go out," said the employee.
 "So, it's dangerous for the tourist boats, too?"
 The boats aren't out because of the danger.
 And God of the Water?
 I never heard of it...
 "What's the God of Water?"
 "We cannot say with certainty! But it is our belief that a massive creature resides in this lake! We think it might be a legendary water dragon..." said the employee.
 If it's a dragon that lived for many years...
 Then it's easy.
 I'm the Dragon Lord.
 "Ceres-kun, the lake is so lovely, but we must let it go."
 "Yes, we have acquired the resort. Let us not pursue the lake further."
 "That's right, Ceres-san, the creature is referred to as 'God' after all."
 "Ceres-chan, time to go!"
 Even they said so, I still sent a message to the lake.
 If it was a thought from me, a member of the same tribe and near the top of it, there should usually be some kind of response.
 But there is none.
 Something is weird.
 "Well, if we can't play in the lake, we'll have to go somewhere else."
 I leave the lake with the four of them, looking a little sad.
 After that, we spent the rest of the day at the Kohane Forest Museum of Art and the river fish pond.
 We caught some river fish and ate them grilled with salt...
 "Ceres-kun used to give me grilled fish."
 "That's right! I just realized, that was a gift as well."
 "Ah, yes... Heh-heh, fish, nuts, and baked potatoes... I do miss those tasty treats."
 "Ceres-chan has a remarkable talent with his hands and has gifted me with a beautiful acorn necklace and other charming trinkets, which I cherish to this day."
 "Yes, I also have one from Ceres-kun when he was a child... Oh, goodness, I'm starting to hate Sector... Heheheheh, should I kill him after all?"
 Shizuko's face suddenly turns cloudy, and a dusky smile appears on her face.
 "Hey, Shizuko, what's wrong?
 "Haruka, when I was sold into slavery... that guy threw away my belongings at home, so all the things Ceres-kun gave me were thrown away..."
 "Wait a minute! Shizuko-san... I'll make it again... okay?"
 "Yes, Ceres-chan will make them for you again, okay! We'll pick up acorns on the way home..."
 "Heh-heh... now that I think about it, Ceres-san did give me an acorn necklace at that time as well... and now that I reflect on it, I understand the significance of that gift! Ceres-san, my dear..."
 "Yes... at that time... Ceres-kun said, 'I love you! I want to marry you'! Ah, I knew it, I should kill Sector..."
 "Well, well, Shizuko, it was a long time ago, right? Don't worry about it."
 "Yes, it is."
 "While I'm saying that, I'm wondering why Misaki and Sayo are smiling at me, but that's okay! Let's quit worrying about it! However, what's troubling you, Haruka? You've been quite quiet, and your expression is quite unsettling."
 "...I didn't get it."
 "I've gotten food and stuff from Ceres, but never an acorn necklace! What do you mean? Ceres..."
 "Ouch, that hurt!"
 Haruka pinched my cheek.
 "Why am I the only one who's been left out...? Can you explain that to me?!"
 "Nee-san, it hurts, it hurts... let me go!"
 Maybe it's because of my childhood imprint, but I can't dodge Haruka's attacks.
 It's scary... the imprinting.
 "Is that so? Then, please explain it to me..."
 Haruka, who is always so lovely and beautiful, is looking at me with a terrifying smile.
 Scarier than Mammon.
 "Because, Nee-san was dating Kazuma-niisan back then, you know? So, I don't think a necklace would be a good idea, even as a toy..."
 "Hmm, is that so?"
 "Haruka, that's terrible! Ceres-kun, I feel sorry for him."
 "That's right! Ceres-san must feel like he's been falsely accused."
 "That's true. This is completely Haruka's fault."
 "Ugh, Ceres... it's my fault..."
 "It's okay... I don't care."
 "Well... thank you."
 I don't mind at all because I think Haruka is very cute even when she's angry.

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