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Chapter 176 Poor UMA

 Protagonist’s POV
 As I do my work and take a nap, suddenly the place goes dark.
 In an instant, I seem to have been transported to the underworld.
 "Long time no see! Ceres the yellow dragon!"
 "Good, good, you're my kin and a young one at that. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just take it easy on yourself."
 That being said... now that I'm a yellow dragon, I understand.
 I feel an overwhelming power incomparable to that of God.
 He is the master of the underworld.
 Bower-sama the Underworld Dragon.
 "I understand. So what can I do for you today?"
 "Don't be so formal. I'm here about the mysterious creature you sent the other day. I thought maybe you'd like to know. Don't you want to know?"
 He's talking about that mysterious UMA?
 Well, what was it, indeed?
 I have no idea.
 "I've certainly never seen or heard of such a creature. What in the world was it?"
 I have no idea what it is.
 "That creature is 'that creature'."
 Is this some kind of a joke?
 What does he mean by "that creature"... is he making fun of me?
 "I'm not making fun of you. That creature is 'that creature,' that's its proper name. I don't know when it appeared, and I don't know the details. But... it's... it's a very good thing."
 A good thing? That messed-up creature?
 "That thing is a 'good thing'?"
 "Hahaha, you may not imagine it from its disgusting appearance... but it's delicious, Ceres the Yellow Dragon should try it... someone bring him a steak of 'that creature'... "
 At that word, some beautiful woman came out of nowhere and brought steaks.
 Still, am I going to eat that disgusting creature?
 Is it safe?
 After all, it's as disgusting as a candy cane...
 Though, I remember that in my previous life, I ate pomfrets, kangaroos, bee larva, monkeys, and crocodiles.
 Well, there was also a restaurant that served parasitic food... but I think 'that creature' is even more disgusting than those.
 "Do I have to eat this?"
 They say that the yellow dragon has luck on its side, but I have a feeling that it definitely doesn't work.
 "Go ahead and try it... it's delicious!"
 Because Bauer-sama said so, I couldn't stop myself from tasting it.
 So, I put the meat in my mouth.
 "Itadaki... masu."
 Hmm? What a tasty dish.
 A light taste like fish and chicken.
 It's very healthy... it feels that way.
 Very, very tasty... less greasy... more like crocodile meat in texture and taste than anything I've ever eaten.
 It tastes a little like tough chicken, but even though I look like a man, I am a dragon...
 So, I can bite through it easily.
 "How's the taste? It tastes good if the meat is drained and prepared properly... but we dragons can eat it 'raw' and still enjoy it. You should try it once in dragon form... it's good raw, too."
 Bower-sama says that our taste buds are different when we are in dragon form and when we are in human form.
 The meat I just ate was prepared, but in dragon form it tastes good even in its unprocessed state, he says.
 "It was indeed delicious."
 "It sure was! It is the best food for us dragon people. If their numbers continue to increase, our food situation will improve tremendously."
 "If by "more" you mean more of those creatures, there were more of them?"
 "Yes, there are."
 Well, I saw a lot of remains of 'that creature' lying near Bower-sama.
 After all, creatures that die in this world always go to the underworld.
 But... what happens to 'that creature' who die there?
 "I see."
 "Ceres the yellow dragon... no creature dies in the underworld. Even if they are dying, they always come back to life."
 I can't hide anything from Bower-sama.
 After all, he can read everything.
 Now that he tells me that, it looks to me like the creature is regenerating.
 "I see..."
 "Yeah, that's why you can eat all you want."
 A being that will be eaten in the underworld forever.
 I feel so sorry for them.

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