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Chapter 177 It's Lovely, That's Why It's Human

 Protagonist’s POV
 It was dark again, and the next thing I knew I was back in my room.
 Although I am a dragon lord, the difference between me and Bauer-sama is more than that between an insect and a human being, isn't it?
 He suddenly takes me back to the underworld from a normal place.
 And... not even time has passed.
 As expected, he is a ruler of the underworld that surpasses even a 'god'.
 He's on a whole other level.
 Anyway... is it evening already?
 I think I'll invite everyone over for a nice meal and a soak in the hot spring today.
 But before that... I saw the four of them are still sleeping peacefully, perhaps because they are tired. Nevertheless...
 'They're so cute.'
 It doesn't matter what my previous life was like, I'm still a teenager, after all.
 Even to me, I think they are very 'cute'.
 They are 'beautiful,' 'cute,' and 'patient'.
 It's amazing...
 When I was a kid, I wanted to marry any one of them.
 I remember the world before... and not just that.
 Maybe, having lost my parents at a young age, Shizuko, Haruka, Misaki, and Sayo all seemed like 'ideal mothers' to me.
 My first love was my friend's beautiful mother.
 This is a common story, including in my previous life.
 In most cases, the first love in the past life is 'a kindergarten teacher' or 'a beautiful friend's mother' or even 'one's own mother' in rare cases.
 But such dreams usually don't come true.
 There is the age difference, and most of all, they have husbands other than the 'kindergarten teacher'.
 But in my case...
 It came true.
 In this world, my first love has come true, whatever it was in the previous world.
 Not only that... when I was a child, all the princesses and saints I thought were beautiful... are now my wives.
 I can see that happening to me now.
 A dragon who has luck on his side.
 That was me, a yellow dragon.
 But at the time I was just an ordinary adventurer. So, I guess I was lucky.
 Still... they're all beautiful... really pretty.
 I know it's not a good idea to look at a woman's sleeping face but I can't help being fascinated.
 Shizuko is kind and beautiful, but once when Zect and I made a girl cry... she held me down and spanked me on the ass.
 And when Zect put a spider in Maria's back, Zect... well...
 Isn't it Zect's involvement that got me in trouble?
 Anyway, for a long time, Nee-san used to give me a lot of slaps.
 But why did she always call me 'Ceres'?
 I think she used to call everyone else with 'kun'.
 Now that I think about it, Nana had a suitable partner named 'Kazuma-niisan'.
 So, I gave up on her early.
 Unlike the other three husbands, 'Kazuma' had no defects at all.
 Even though I was older than him in my previous lives combined... he seemed so mature, sophisticated, and cool.
 And he became my brother and sister since I had no family.
 Well, if we were talking about age, I would say 'mother' or 'father' age, but when I told them that, they said 'Niisan' and 'Nee-san'! Still, I never gave up.
 Kazuma also did not give up, saying just call me 'Niisan'.
 But when I think of Lida's parents... father and mother would be more appropriate... though I'm sure I'd get beaten up if I said so.
 As for Sayo, she looks a bit less happy, probably because of her crying mole.
 Well, her former husband Kaito-san is so strong that maybe it makes me think so.
 Because of that, I felt like I wanted to protect her so much that I, a child, was hunted by the desire to protect her.
 And Misaki... she looks intelligent at first glance, but from a different point of view, she looks very erotic.
 When I was little, she used to hug me when I was lonely, but even though I had a previous life, I remember that I often blushed because I was in puberty.
 Now... I'm doing something even more amazing than that...
 When I look at their face, a lot of memories come to my mind.
 So beautiful, so cute... so adorable.
 But even though I'm a dragon, my heart is still human.
 I think so every time I touch Shizuko and the others.

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