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Chapter 209 Treatment of Runaway Girl

 Although Monica was fighting as a member of our party, she was not officially a member of our party.
 She was just a temporary member to help us find Leon who had gone missing in the dungeon.
 So, naturally, she was supposed to withdraw from the party when the business was over. But...
 "In the capital, huh...? Wait a minute, don't you have to go back to your hometown?"
 I almost forgot... Monica ran away from home and followed her relative, a merchant, to Alteriore, which is the main city.
 By the way... I completely forgot to ask how Monica's uncle is doing. I wonder if he is looking for his missing niece too.
 "Your mother must be worried, too. When her son is missing and her daughter is also missing, she might collapse from the stress, right?"
 "T-that may be true, but I'm still worried about Leon-oniichan. I can't go home alone like this..."
 "Well... that may be so, but..."
 Monica's suggestion... to be honest, it's a bit of a wishful thinking.
 The purpose of my taking Monica to the dungeon was to make her a new hero, a descendant of a hero like Leon.
 I don't know if Monica can be a hero... but she has the skill of 'Hero's Blood', so she definitely has it.
 If she can become our party, it would be a great opportunity for us. Especially if Leon's condition is uncertain.
 "But... at least, it would be better to go home once, wouldn't it? We have to tell your mother about Brave-san, don't we?"
 Aeris says, concerned about Monica and her mother.
 Aeris, being a sensible person, said that... but for some reason Monica looked away from her.
 "U-um... that's a little... no, I don't think I need to go home...?"
 Monica put her index fingers together and mumbled uncomfortably.
 Her response is not very clear. It was as if she had something bad to say.
 "Are you afraid... that your mother will be angry with you?"
 Monica clutched her chest and moaned at Nagisa's words. It seems that she had guessed right.
 This runaway girl is still afraid of her mother and it would be understandable if she had run away from home.
 "I see... if that's the case, I guess we should send Monica home."
 If we didn't take her home, it might be reported as a kidnapping.
 And although Monica's mother is a commoner, she has a relationship with the Uranus family, an aristocratic family. There was a possibility that it would be a trouble if we didn't take her home for a long period of time.
 "It's troublesome to be probed in the belly where it doesn't hurt. If it's Count Uranus, we'll pass by on the way home."
 "But...then, Leon-oniichan..."
 "We will go to your house and explain to your mother about what happened to Leon. Then I'll ask permission for her to bring you with me."
 "Well... that may be true, but..."
 Monica's face goes tense.
 I wonder how much she is afraid of her mother... Leon's mother in the game seemed to be a normal, kind person.
 "Monica-san, you mustn't worry your mother."
 "Yes, it's good to have a parent who cares about you. You should be thankful."
 Monica's shoulders slumped with reluctance at the advice not only from me but also from Aeris and Nagisa. She seemed to have come to the conclusion that she could no longer escape.
 Her mother will probably lecture her when she gets home, but she'll take it as it comes.
 The, on our return to the capital, we decide to head for Leon's birthplace Count Uranus, where we are to meet our new friends.
 "Munch, munch."
 Incidentally... Urza did not participate in the discussion, but just kept on eating the food.
 Anyway, because of her gluttony, we had to order more food, and the staff had to make three round trips to the room for room service.

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