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Chapter 194 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Eighteen - Solicitation

 Zect’s POV
 "But it's peaceful, isn't it?"
 "It's peaceful."
 "Ah, peaceful..."
 Because of Ceres, there is no conflict with the demons now.
 Even if someone walks down the city streets without an escort, they won't be attacked.
 And even if they see a demon, they just bob their heads and walk away.
 This would not have happened even if Hero (Yuusha) had defeated the Demon King.
 The one who changed this world into a real peaceful world is my good friend Ceres.
 A world that doesn't need a Hero (Yuusha).
 It's a happy world, but it's also a little lonely.
* * *
 I was thinking... what's this?
 I'm near Kohane, where Ceres is said to live...
 But what a chaos... over there is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, the 'Skull King', the Immortal King...
 "Please be careful on your way..."
 "Thank you for your continued service, Skull King-sama... you've made our lives a lot easier."
 "Our Lord and God, the people of Ceres-sama... if you have any trouble... please do not hesitate to ask."
 The Skull King's army of death... countless skeletons smiling and waving to the city.
 Death is the only thing that can befall those who encounter them... the army of death.
 Many knights and holy knights have challenged them, and all have been buried... but are those the strongest, the worst, the army of the immortals...? Really?
 "Zect-sama... that."
 "Luna doesn't know, does she? Surely that's the army of death led by one of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Skull King... and that..."
 I think the one in the sky is Feather, the arm of the Sylphid of the Sky, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.
 She is flying in the sky with an army of wings.
 No way... did something happen to Ceres and the demons brought this place down?
 "Aren't you Hero (Yuusha)... or Zect?"
 "Huh... Is it Zect!?"
 I turned around, and there they were...
 No way.
 "Dark Colder and Luciferd, the Demon King!"
 "He's a Demon King? Oh, no..."
 "...The Demon King, Zect's enemy!"
 "You b*stardddd....what the hell are you doing here...?"
* * *
 "It's my first time to see you Hero (Yuusha) Zect! I never thought you could meet me, the Demon King! Then, what do you think of the tea leaves... they're quite tasty, right"
 "Ah, it sure is tasty... it's a very high quality tea..."
 "Isn't it? But it's a strange thing... to see Princess Marin there..."
 "Yes, but..."
 "Luna-chan... are the sweets good?"
 What in the world am I doing... a former Hero (Yuusha)... having tea with the Demon King?
 "So what's the Demon King-sama doing talking to me? Sure, I've killed a lot of demons and demonkind, but Mammon has done terrible things to me too and there's nothing to complain about."
 The world is at peace and he's a King too, so he should be called politely.
 But I've killed so many demons and demonkind it's no wonder he hates me.
 I was his greatest enemy.
 "Ah, that's okay, that's okay... now the war between demons and humans is over because of Ceres-sama's influence. Don't worry, I won't try to rehash the past now."
 "Yes, the demon tribe is all about power, so they won't complain about the results of the war."
 "And Zect-dono is a good friend of Ceres-sama, so I don't think much of that anymore."
 "Besides, the Winged army here has not been harmed by Zect-dono, so we have nothing to complain about."
 "Then why did you approached me... you may not have any complaints, but you still have some feelings, don't you?"
 Luciferd - the Demon King, Dark Colder, the Skull King, and Feather... what the heck is this?
 "Well, the current Demon King's army is led by me, the Four Heavenly Kings, Dark Colder, Skull King... and two others have been replaced, Feather and Zolba are the main members."
 As expected, both Marin and Luna are quiet, probably because they are surrounded by the Demon King's army.
 Well, Luna is just quietly eating sweets...
 "So, does this have anything to do with me?"
 "No... Zolba is one of the Four Heavenly Kings... but he hasn't been able to lead the army well because his predecessor was Mammon... Zolba himself doesn't seem to be confident... how about you? Would you be interested in replacing Zolba as the fourth heavenly king?"
 Hey... Is he trying to recruit me to be the fourth heavenly king?
 "What are you talking about out of the blue?"
 "I know Zect-dono's ability very well...in today's world, I think it's possible for the Demon King and Hero (Yuusha) to become friends."
 "Indeed...but this is an important matter. I need some time to think about it."
 I have wealth and I can make money in the future.
 But when it comes to status, I'm a class S adventurer, that's all.
 If I'm one of the fourth heavenly king, I'm as good as a duke or a marquis in the peerage.
 It's not a bad deal.
 "Take your time and think about it I'll be waiting."
 "I'll think about it."
 That's all I said and we left.

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