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Chapter 196 Mother and Child

 Zect’s POV
 "Zect, how dare you show your face in front of me! I didn't cut you off out of the goodness of my heart, did I? What's the matter with you? You irresponsibly put everything on Ceres-kun's shoulders and ran away, didn't you? Why did you come here... Will you tell me why?"
 I'm afraid of my mother.
 Haruka-san, Misaki-san, and Sayo-san are being kicked out the room.
 And my companions, Marin and Luna, have also been kicked out the room too.
 "Would you excuse us for a moment so that we can have a conversation as a mother and child?"
 In front of my mother who was really angry, everyone quietly left.
 I didn't think I'd be the first to meet my mother.
 I went to Ceres and apologized for everything I'd done and asked if I could help. Then I was going to apologize to my three childhood friends... and report the results to my mother and the others... that's what I was going to do.
 But it completely fell apart.
 Unfortunately, the first people I met when I entered Kohane was my mother.
 My mother who want to disown me.
 This is the scariest.
 Mother was an old-fashioned and respectful person...
 Last time she got angry in public and even said she would never see me again.
 But her friends covered for me, so it didn't end up that way.
 'If that's okay with everyone, I understand... Zect, I'll cancel the disownment... if that's okay with everyone, then this is it... you're free to go! But one day you'll realize how much you've given up, and you'll regret it... now get out!'
 Hearing this, I ended up... running away and not answering my mother...
 'Thanks for your help Ceres... See you later.'
 Instead I walked away and said so.
 Not that I regretted it.
 But I realized how irresponsible I was and I repented.
 I'm a more serious person now.
 I can say that now.
 But I'm still... the worst guy here.
 I kicked my best friend out of the party because I wanted a harem... and then I forced my best friend to take my childhood sweetheart and run away.
 'No matter how good I am elsewhere I'm still a lousy man here.'
 "What the hell are you doing here? Zect! There's not much to see here, is there? Ceres-kun's away on a trip right now! What do you want? You got in trouble again and need some help?"
 "Then... what do you want? No one here has any connection to Zect anymore! You left Mel and ran away from Lida and Maria, but you're still with Princess Marin? And you're with another cute girl... how does it make you feel, I wonder? A person who wanted all her childhood friends, abandoned them all, and took the princess...hey Zect... what are you doing in such a place? Can you tell me why?"
 "I came here to make amends. Now that Ceres is called the divine dragon, he doesn't need my power anymore... I know that... but for him, who wants ordinary happiness more than glory, that's not happiness... that's what I thought... so I came here to make amends. That's why I'm here. And I promised Ceres a drink... so I'm here... for a promise."
 "Is that so? But Ceres-kun is away on a trip right now. We'll talk about it when he gets back... a little more seriously. But I understand that. The problem is the three of them. What about Lida, Maria, and Mel? You owe them an apology... but can you tell them how to make amends?"
 "I haven't thought about it... until after I apologize."
 "You're too dumb to say anything...? You're going to apologize, but you haven't decided what you're going to do...? Okay, you can stay here for a while and decide what you're going to do...? But, I'll only give you two hours. Then, I'll bring Lida and the others and you'll make an apology that they can all accept... okay?"
 Two more hours... and then I'll have to decide how to make amends...

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