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Chapter 195 [Short Story] The Melancholy of the Demon King... Prince?

 Demon King’s POV
 "Is there no one better? There are so many of them, can't you do anything about it?"
 "Demon King-sama... it seems that Ceres-sama doesn't want to have any more wives... If we interfere too much, the existing wives will rebel and things may get worse. "
 I understand that.
 But only the Demon Nation has not sent a wife to Ceres-sama.
 This is a bad situation.
 To improve our position we must do something.
 Normally, the demon tribe has a higher rank of lovers such as "succubus" and "vampire," but Ceres-sama, a yellow dragon, doesn't like their charms.
 Then there is a winged race of fallen angels in the distance, said to be as beautiful as angels.
 But the attempt to seduce him with Feather has failed.
 Our trump card is gone.
 No matter how much we try to find out, he just like 'older' women... that's all we can find out.
 But most of the powerful women of the demon tribe are 'older', regardless of their looks.
 Still it doesn't seem to work out.
 Certainly with so many wives... maybe enough is enough.
 Moreover, Ceres-sama's wives are very strong-willed, and some of them are on his backside.
 Or so sometimes it seems.
 He is a great man who surpassed Hero (Yuusha) and buried even Mammon.
 He even fought against Mammon who became a god of war, Arks, and the Skull King worships him as a god even though he is an enemy... Moreover, Mammon's army including Golba respects him even though he killed Mammon.
 In addition, he is a divine dragon with power equal to that of a God.
 One of the most powerful of them all.
 Belonging to Bauer the Underworld Dragon...
 An untouchable.
 All the demons... or even if all the demons and humans joined together to challenge him... we can't win... So, we must win him quickly...
 It makes me sick that I'm the Demon King.
 But the king of the land of human has succeeded in sending a wife to him.
 Although Ceres-sama is a gentle and mild-mannered man I still want something more solid to bond with.
* * *
 Then one day.
 Hero (Yuusha) Zect came to Kohane.
 This is good fortune.
 I was lucky.
 I had come with Dark Colder and Feather from the Demon Land to visit the Demon Tribe in Kohane.
 Our fellow demon people live in the outer parts of Kohane, and that is why we met.
 Zect-dono, the Hero (Yuusha), is Ceres-sama's 'best friend'.
 This is evident... in the fact that he forgives him even though he has done such a crazy thing.
 And it seems that he trusts him.
 Although Feather and the Skull King had reported to me by telepathic communication, I dared to greet him with the Dark Colder... pretending that I had just noticed him.
 I then invited him to join the Four Heavenly Kings for the purpose of taking him in.
* * *
 "I'm sorry, Zolba. I didn't mean to interrupt."
 "Raise your face, don't worry about it... the title of "Four Heavenly Kings" is just an honorary title now... I'm only taking it because Mammon-sama is gone and Golba-sama is dead."
 I am no longer fighting with the human race, and I am, in effect, a leader in name only.
 I am the Demon King, but I am no better than a human king now.
 In this world at peace after the war with mankind I am nothing more than a mere authority figure.
 Although it's in name only, since the Great Demon King has become Ceres-sama... I'm a sort of a deputy.
 These days, I enjoy physical exercise and vegetable gardening.
 But aside from that...
 "It's a relief to hear you say that... Since only the Demon Kingdom has not given a bride to Ceres-sama, we intend to take him in to deepen our bond"
 "I think that's good... 'power is everything to the demons'... So, is Hero (Yuusha) Zect strong? There is such a question, but the old Mammon army has lost Mammon-sama and Golba-sama... they are not as strong as they used to be. And there will be no more battles between us... so the position of the Four Heavenly Kings is meaningless now. 'Power is everything to the demons' is practically over. And Hero (Yuusha) Zect is a good friend of Ceres-sama. Many of us in the army are devoted to Ceres-sama, and that's a good thing, isn't it?"
 "Would that be good?"
 "What's the matter, Feather?"
 "In the first place, should we be concerned about the Four Heavenly Kings? Can't we adopt him as a prince as the Demon King's armchairman, military chief of staff, or even a prince since humans die early? He can only live for 80 years at most, so he'll end up as a prince for the rest of his life."
 "Surely, a new position would be a good idea..."
 "That's right, in a world friendly with humans, that's possible, Demon King-sama."
 "Hmm, it might be better if it were short-lived compared to ours."
 In the end, after discussion... we considered the possibility of welcoming him as a prince of the Demon Kingdom instead of the Four Heavenly Kings... and with that, the discussion was over.

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