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Chapter 198 Zect's Side, I can't do it

 Zect’s POV
 I feel like I've waited a long time...
 But in fact, it's been less than two hours.
 Now, there are three people who show up.
 "Oh, Zect, you're really came?" said Lida.
 "What's up? Did you enjoy your freedom?" said Maria.
 "Zect, I hear you've been working hard lately. Is it true?" said Mel.
 "Yeah, I'm doing my best... but..."
 What am I supposed to apologize for?
 For building a harem and not keeping it together, for suggesting to kick Ceres?
 For putting their life in danger?
 I've done a lot of things... where do I start?
 "Anyway, I'm sorry for everything..."
 "Zect, what are you talking about now? It was our collective decision to kick Ceres out, and we discussed and decided what to do after that. The only person we owe apologies to is Ceres," said Lida.
 "Yeah... Well, Zect, you were just a 'disappointing hero (Yuusha)', weren't you? I can't blame you, too. You actually screwed up and almost died, but you did your best, didn't you? I mean, you told me you loved me, and I don't know how you acted, but I know you were trying your best. Well, I admire what you tried to do, even if it was all Ceres' handiwork... I'm just sorry about the whole thing... I have no problem with you dismissing the saint and getting me to safety, so if you want to apologize, apologize to Ceres, no need to apologize to me," said Maria.
 "Maria, you are out of line! Zect did his best in his own way! It's the least he could have done. Because he's Zect... he can't do everything like Ceres," said Mel.
 Why does this sound harsher than the old me?
 Do I sound like a bad guy?
 Well, okay...
 "So I don't have to apologize?"
 """It's Zect, so there's nothing can be done about it."""
 "Haa... I see..."
 If it's like this, I don't think I need to be with three people, do I?
 "Well, Zect, you are not so bad, you're just an idiot."
 "Yeah, yeah, it's just Zect."
 "It's Zect."
 What is it...? There's no need to apologize at all, is there?
 Or are they just being considerate in their own way?
 "Well then, I guess I'll just wait for Ceres to come back..."
 "Wait a minute! Zect..."
 Just as I was finishing my story, my mother came in.
 "Mother, I just finished talking to them, they'll forgive me... Ugh, that hurts, why did you slap me..."
 "Haa~ I knew it, Zect is no good. You were dating Lida and the others... and you tried to marry all three of them using Hero's polygamy system... why didn't you educate them properly?"
 "What do you mean?"
 "Well, as you can see from the lives of Ceres-kun and your mother, living like a harem means that each one of you has 'responsibilities, duties, and roles'. In our case, we don't need those roles, because we work well together... but in a regular harem, it's necessary!"
 "What do you mean?"
 "Haa~ I said... The girls who are good at cooking do the cooking, and the ones who are good at cleaning do the cleaning. Normally everyone has their own role, but Lida-chan, Maria=chan and Mel can't do anything... This is the proof that you longed for a life like a harem but did nothing."
 "I've never heard of such a thing."
 "It's fun to live like a harem in a polygamous marriage... but it's three times harder if you have three partners, right? You have to play a role, of course, but you also have to 'make an effort not to be hated by the other person and to be loved by the other person' and you have to be ready to 'love them for life'... did you make that effort and were you ready for it? Maybe you didn't. That's what your mother thinks, but what do you really think?"
 "Look, you can't answer me! Lida-chan, Maria-chan, and Mel can't even do their own housework... and I heard that they had this idea of 'going to Ceres' if things didn't work out... and the three of them immediately agreed and their hearts drifted apart... which is more than one thing. So Zect, you are the leader of a polygamous harem... and as the leader of a harem, you should apologize for 'not making the effort to be loved' and 'not making the effort to love'.
 You should apologize for those two things... don't you think?"
 When my mother said this to me, I realized that I really hadn't made the effort or the commitment... and I understood that, so I apologized sincerely.
 Then Lida and the others started apologizing to me.
 In the end, I was just a kid... who wanted to be a polygamist but didn't make the effort.
 That's what it comes down to.
 Ceres is a monster in a way.
 He's good at taking care of himself and He's good at housework.
 All that hard work... it's beyond me.

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