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Chapter 199 Zect's Side, Childhood Friends

 Zect’s POV
 The conversation is over now.
 In the end, it was a rather easy thing to do.
 Maybe the time has allowed me and them to relax, and the result was good.
 If we had persisted in the conversation at that time, the outcome would have turned out to be only bad.
 In the end, I made peace with Lida and my two childhood friends, and the conversation ended with my mother saying, 'Make sure you apologize to Ceres.'
 So the deadlock is now over....
* * *
 "So, Zect, after a long time, would you like to have a mock battle with me?" said Lida.
 "I'm a former saintess, so I don't participate in mock battles, but I've gotten better at it. If you don't die, I'll heal you with this silver staff." said Maria.
 "Then, I'll take it easy on you too, shall I?" said Mel.
 "Sure, let's do it for a while. Should I start with Lida? And with a wooden sword, right?"
 "No, let's get serious," said Lida
 Why is Lida looking away?
 It doesn't have to be serious, right?
 "Hey, let's take it serious."
 I don't know why Lida is sweating and said that once again.
 But if she's gonna say it like this, then I'm gonna have to do it.
 Besides, I owe her a small favor... and Maria's here, too, right?
 I pull out my sword and hold it in front of me.
 "Let's go then! I will not be intimidated by any foe... with this sword!"
 "Come at me where ever you may."
 It's strange... how the body and the sword don't move together.
 But, sword and body as one...? I see, that's what Lida was supposed to do.
 "How's this!?"
 Sure, she's fast.
 I might have lost the attack now if I hadn't.
 But I think the attacker is even weaker.
 "You're fast... but you don't scare me."
 "Already losing? Well, you're actually on the defensive! I guess I'm winning at this rate... Come on, come on, come on..."
 It's true, she's fast, and she's hard to lose.
 But I'm not afraid.
 When I had a mock battle with Lida before, I was more scared than I could be.
 Now, I don't have that tense feeling.
 It's really strange.
 "Just so I understand, no magic, right?"
 "Of course!"
 "Yes, you're not going to use magic! That's not fair, after all!"
 "No, you're the coward, Lida!"
 I throw away my sword and ready my fist.
 And I smile...
 "Lida~I'm coming!"
 I poke Lida in the head quickly, like a child just for fun.
 "Ouch... ouch!"
 It's also known as the "round and round punch."
 "Ouch, ouch, ouch, why did you say it... ouch?"
 "Lida... that's a magic sword. If magic is forbidden, then a magic sword is obviously against the rules since it works with magic, right?"
 "Did you know that?"
 "No, but twice you said 'I won't be intimidated by any foe... with this sword!' right? If you're saying something like a spell, people will pay attention to it! Besides, do you think that I won't notice the difference in the movements of the sword and the body? If I can figure that out, I can read that the sword is a magic sword that fights automatically..."
 "As expected from Zect..."
 "Phew~You're making fun of me too much! I'm still Hero (Yuusha), okay..."
 "From there it was a simple matter of figuring out how to make the sword stop working, dropping the weapon, and striking with my fist with as little will to fight as possible. That's it."
 "If you understand that, you don't have to hit me so hard! I'm making a sound... it hurts..."
 "I don't think using a magic sword without magic is fair, is it? That's a foul..."
 It was close.
 Lately, I've been reading books, like Ceres told me to.
 If I hadn't known about the 'sword that fights instead' I might have lost.
 "Hahaha, I guess so."
 "Hey, Lida, you should stop fighting. You won't be fighting demons anymore you should be free."
 "Hahaha, that's right... actually..."
 Lida told me that this guy can't do anything at all except with her sword, and that she did a lot of jobs but got wiped out... and now she's just playing with Ceres, and occasionally with the sword princess, Frey...
 "I see..."
 I may have to take responsibility for this guy.
 But I'll have to wait and see what happens with the other two.
 Maria said she's getting better at it.
 "Well, Cecilia-sama's been working me out every day... and now that I'm out, I'm kind of stretching my wings. Now I can heal almost anything if it's not really dead, even missing limbs if they have arms and legs I can put them back together... but Cecilia-sama says 'a saint should be able to grow a limb even if it's torn off'... she smiles at me... well, I'm working hard at the church as a healer and in the service."
 "So you're working hard."
 "Well... with Ceres here, the Pope and the Pope Emeritus are all over this place, so I can't run away anymore, so I have to work hard."
 "That's what a saint is supposed to do."
 "I don't want Zect to tell me that..."
 "Right, and what about you, Mel?"
 "I've been... visiting antique books with my mother and sometimes teaching the neighborhood kids. I can't be a researcher because I haven't done any research, and if I want to be a researcher I'll have to start as a student... well, I'm going to continue as a librarian... and you know what I need your help with... is this."
 Mel showed me a book.
 "What's this?"
 "It's called 'Fake Grimoire'. It's also a weapon and I need to read it while fighting..."
 "I'll help you with that."
 Now I and Mel are going to have to fight a mock battle.
 Except for Lida, everyone else has a good life.

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