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Volume 8 Chapter 31 Destiny Revolving Idol Garden

 Every being on the ground came to a halt and looked up at the sky.

 The colossal figure, devoid of any sense of reality, slowly descended and came to a stop at a position where it could overlook the entire domain.

 Just by being there, one would feel as though their knees were about to give way. Just by watching, consciousness would drift away.

 The pressure, incomparable to that of Echidna, crushed not only the body but also the soul.

 My magic power isn't working properly. It was clear that it was stagnating like cold blood.

 Now, Typhon glanced at the ground with rolling eyes, folded his fingers that could grasp buildings, and clenched his fist.


 Immediately, his magic power made the skies roar.

 He merely manipulated magic power. Just that alone caused the world itself to tremble.

 Flames surged from within Typhon, covering his colossal body like hair and clothes.

 White hot blood flows through his pale skin, awakening life.

 Now, it has awakened.

 Was it sleeping all this time with such a presence?

 It's beyond crazy.

 But Typhon's movement didn't stop there.

 How many know the tales of him?

 The Greek mythological system has various stories, but it is said that he defeated the chief god Zeus head-on and even sealed him away.

 What he uses is fire.


 Typhon arched his body and lifted his head, facing directly downwards towards the ground.

 There, magic power gathers all at once and a shiver runs down my spine.

 "'Kanami! Kanami, can you hear me?!'"

 '——Yes, I can hear you!'

 "'Right now, let Lisha do everything in her power to strengthen Sanctuary! Give it everything you've got!'"

 With Tsukiko and Kou, it's impossible. I can't do anything with my current self too.

 The density is too high, and it is impossible to disassemble it with 'Stella (Star Sword)'. At least it can attenuate its power.

 Now, I activate my 'Flame Linker' again, clad in a deep red coat.

 I'm going to give it my all. From 'My True Name,' draw out and control as much magic power as possible at this moment. Don't think about what comes after.

 Biting down on my teeth, I forcibly channeling the surging magic power into my body.

 The taste of blood seeping into my mouth, and my head throbbing as if it's about to explode.

 The crimson magic power spirals down my arm and entwines with the bastard sword.

 When Typhon completes his move, I also unleash the technique almost simultaneously.

 At that moment, a resounding sound that shook the world became a clear noise.

 'Ecrixi (God's Flame)'

 "'Mikatiaaaa (Storm Sword)'"

 I swung my sword with all my might towards the dazzling and shining tiny sun. I unleashed thousands, tens of thousands, billions of slashes with a force that could tear off my arm.

 Please, stop. Please, just stop.

 But those slashes were blown away like debris before a gust of wind.


 The wave of light spread across the ground, accompanied by flames.

 What came next was a wave of shock and heat.

 The flames consumed everything from the impact point, engulfing and burning both people and monsters.

 My thoughts stopped for less than a second.

 There is no time to stop.

 Continue swinging the sword, even if it means diminishing the power of the flames even slightly. Protect as many people as possible.

 But how long have I been doing that?

 I rushed through what felt like an eternal moment, and when my arms could no longer lift the sword, the scene before me was hell.

 "'Haah... haa... aah...'"

 Everything in my field of vision was dyed red.

 The cityscape after cityscape was engulfed in flames, burning and billowing thick black smoke.

 Under Typhon, there was no trace of anything, not even a hint, only scorching lava remained.


 With this one blow, how many people died?

 How many people couldn't I protect?

 The scene I'm witnessing blurred into two and overlapped.

 It was a scene I had seen many times in Asteris. Unable to withstand the invasion of demons, or perhaps ambushed, the city sank into screams and roars.

 What to do, what should I do?

 While hesitating, the sensation of countless lives slipping through my hands.

 In the midst of that, new monsters emerged from the flames.

 Monsters from Typhon, monsters from the surface.

 Where should I respond?

 Kou's Spiritual Penetration Art (Shinrei) is useless. His magic is fundamentally unsuitable for defense. If done poorly, the damage could escalate.

 I understand it in my head.

 This Typhon is a bringer of the end.

 As time passes, the area will collapse along with it and disappear. In other words, what I need to do now is to protect Tsukiko and the others.

 Typhon seems to be attacking not just us individuals but everything within the area. If I focus on protecting Lisha and the others, I might manage somehow.

 Still, the collapse is imminent.

 But despite knowing that, my legs won't move.

 Am I going to abandon the people who got involved in our battle for my convenience?

 A person like that can't possibly talk about protecting Lisha or ending the God-Demon War. The words I speak should carry more weight.

 U can't afford to look down at obstacles of this level.

 Suuu, haaaa.

 ——Sakaki Tsuzuri.

 —If you're going to be an enemy with such determination, I'll show an equal resolve.

 I infuse magic power and strength into my numb hand, tightly gripping the sword once again.

 What is hell? To prevent it from repeating, that day, I took up the sword.


 The communication device yielded no response, whether due to the magic tool being broken or the interference of magic by the flames.

 However, despite this, there was a sense of Lisha's magic power in the distance. If it was them, they would be fine.


 Raising my gaze, I observed Typhon, who loomed in the sky. The 'Flame Linker' had already been released, leaving only the armor and sword.

 But that was fine. There was only one thing to do.

 I needed to cut down Typhon as quickly as possible and then exterminate the monsters below.

 But when I prepared to take a step forward.

 At that moment, a voice rang out.

 That nostalgic, reliable voice.

 "Yuusuke, you are hope. Our brightest star above all."

 It was a voice that shouldn't have been heard.

 Instinctively, I turned around, but naturally, there was no one there. Only the burning city stretched out before me.

 "'...Ha, hahaha'"

 Sakaki is responsible for such things, or was it because my heart was unknowingly timid.

 In such a predicament, she always pushed me forward.

 She showed me the path I should take.

 If she was here, how reassuring it would be.

 Chewing on a small laughter that spilled out, I look ahead.

 She is no longer here.

 To not be laughed at by her who is prouder than anyone, kinder than anyone, I will also uphold my beliefs and fight.

 "'I will go, Eris.'"

 My softly muttered words were not addressed to anyone.

 Perhaps because I knew they would never reach her.

 They fell into the flames and faced a fate of disappearing alone.

 Yes, that's how it was supposed to be.

 But what responds to the oath is pure white light.

 From within the flames, it overflows, the heartbeat of life.

 "Spiritual penetration art (shinrei) - Release"

 Now, I heard it clearly.

 Again and again. A voice I longed to hear just one more time.

 The pure white light gently and powerfully envelops the destruction area.

 Magic that has repeatedly saved and guided silver hero during the first god-demon war.

 Salvation for the living.

 Thorns of thistles for those who take lives."

 "'Everlasting Royal Garden'"

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