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Volume 8 Chapter 32 My

 'Go, Yuusuke.'

 'Walk ahead of everyone, become the shining beacon for all.'

 'I will clear the dew for that purpose.'

 'Don't worry. You will never lose.'

 'Because you are the noblest and strongest.'

 A white phosphorescence envelops the world.

 From there, numerous voices burst and disappear.

 Like a fleeting dream, the past wraps around me.

 ──Is this a dream?

 Because it would be impossible.

 The hope I gave up with the feeling of gouging out the flesh and severing the bones. Even so, I couldn't abandon the feelings.

 I thought that the ghostly obsession might have spawned auditory hallucinations.

 But the scene in front of me denies it.

 Emerging from the flames, pure white light envelops the destruction. It spreads with a dazzling magic power operation.

 And I heard a faint wind noise.

 That sound was the sound of a slender sword (rapier) being wielded when she used magic.

 She, like a conductor, elegantly played magic like a melody.

 The flow of magic power changed, and magic suddenly raised its voice like a song.

 Light transformed into white trees, extinguishing the blazing flames she held.

 But this flame was no ordinary flame.

 It was a flame unleashed by the gods.

 To burn the tree from within, it grew more fierce and powerful.

 Now, more distinctly, the sound of the rapier echoed.

 In response, new trees were born, enveloping the existing ones, intricately weaving into a great tree.

 She does not allow trespassing in her own garden.

 Even if it were a god, in this place, she is the absolute rule.

 The red world that was reflected in my eyes was swiftly painted over in white.

 But the sound of the rapier did not end there.

 Sharper and more spine-chilling, its sound resonated.

 Next, what happened was the punishment for the outlaws.

 Monsters bewildered by suddenly appearing trees were pierced one after another by thorns.

 There were those trying to shake it off. There were those trying to escape. There were those trying to bite and tear. There were those trying to wither.

 All of them were cut down with a single flash of the rapier.

 Her thorns do not let the enemies escape. They pierce through all defenses, capture, and pierce their hearts.

 This intense justice is why she is called the Thorn Princess.

 The momentum of the "Everlasting Royal Garden" did not stop there.

 With spell upon spell overlapping, the music and singing played become more complex, increasing in richness.

 The white forest, concealed in flames, grows tall and large.

 Branches extend, hands hold, creating a canopy to block all the malice in this world.

 It was a giant dome-like shield that protected the people from Typhon.

 The pinnacle of magic, where one person alone dominates the game board and controls everything as they please.

 As far as I know, there is only one person who can use this magic - Eris Philin Centraris.

 Feeling a warm presence, I looked up.

 There, a trunk extended, and at its peak, a large bud was about to bloom.

 Softly, white and yellow petals opened gently.

 From the center, golden nectar fell on me, turning into droplets.

 A faint warmth spread throughout my body.

 The HP bar, which was less than half, suddenly started to increase.

 My heavy body became light as if it were a lie, and magic power flowed smoothly throughout my body, reaching even my fingertips.

 I couldn't see her.

 But she was definitely here.

 Soul and soul were connected beyond distance.

 I could feel her body temperature and heartbeat on my back.

 I looked at the sky. Over the hole that opened in the canopy, Typhon was looking down at me.

 Even to the god who seemed like an absolute existence, I felt like I could reach out now.

 Now, she whispered behind me, so only I could hear.

 "I believe in you, Yuusuke. ──You're my hero."

 Just hearing she says that, I could become stronger no matter how far.

 I, "my true name," lost the wedge and rushed through the infinite corridor with joyous voices.

 Jade light danced around, and my armor regained its radiance.

 I don't know if this voice will reach. But that's okay.

 "'Ah. We will definitely win, Eris.'"

 In response to those words, "Everlasting Royal Garden" wove branches to create a path.

 The path I should take is laid out in the sky.

 There was no longer any doubt or anxiety.

 Now, let's go.

 I took the first step with all my strength and raced up to the sky faster than a shooting star.

 When I approached the huge head of Typhon, I felt its size even more strongly.

 The vast expanse is no longer visible.


 Enormous magic power is in motion.

 Planning to shoot that flame again. No matter how many shields there are, that one strike cannot be completely blocked. Moreover, the sensed magic power is larger than before.

 But I won't let it be shot.

 The closer I get, the stronger and more dazzling the flames emanating from Typhon's body become.

 The path of branches is burned and disappeared midway.

 "Flame Linker" can no longer be used. The crimson cape has been used up. No matter how much my body tries to recover, it takes too much time to knit that.

 So what?

 I defeated the Demon Lord with this armor and sword.

 Behind me, there are still people I must protect. There are comrades supporting me.

 Whether it's a god or whatever, don't think you can defeat me now.


 Stepping on the interrupted path, I jump into the vortex of flames.

 In an instant, everything was swallowed by flames, and I lost track of where I was.

 Piercing through the magic power, the heat burned through the armor.

 Sweat and blood evaporated, and my thoughts scattered without coherence.

 But that's fine. There's no need to think anymore.

 There's only one thing to do.

 Towards the center of the swirling flames.

 Even within this blaze, the voice of the god resonated unmistakably. A single phrase that heralds the end of this world.

 'Ecrixi (God's Flame)'

 The moment I heard that, I was already swinging my sword.

 In an instant.

 The infinite magical power poured into the blade and continuously compressed is released.

 "'Frogaaaaaaaa (Flame Blade)!!!'"

 The released flames are severed by my jade flames.

 The fires intertwine, devouring each other, swelling up.

 And then, the sky cleared.

 Blowing away the dark clouds that covered the sky, exposing the false god to the broad daylight.


 As I fell, Typhon and I met eyes for the last time.

 I don't know what he wanted to say. Even so, we both have no complaints about this outcome.

 That, at least, I could be sure of.

 Simultaneously with the disappearance of the god, Sakaki Tsuzuri's magic, 'Our Story (Fairy Game),' collapsed.

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