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Volume 8 Chapter 34 The Things I Wanted To Tell You

 When Eris descended into this world, emerging from the darkness, words escaped her.

 Unfamiliar structures stood in orderly rows, and the pathways where people strolled were meticulously maintained down to the smallest alley.

 Cars, not pulled by dragons, raced at incredible speeds, and paintings casually spoke as if it were the most natural thing.

 Above all, what surprised her the most was the absence of any trace of magic power in all of this.

 It felt like stepping into a fairy tale world, leaving her mind in disarray.

 Simultaneously, Eris felt her heart pounding as if it would burst, for the scene before her was precisely the world Yuusuke had described.

 A civilization developed through science, devoid of magic power.

 A world where citizens naturally enjoyed and utilized these advancements.

 In this world, it is the world where Yamamoto Yuusuke lived, a place where he spent his unknown time.

 So somewhere, Yuusuke should be there.

 Thinking that far, Eris froze.

 ——What should I do when I meet him? I was called here for the sake of the God-Demon War.

 Eris shook her head.

 She must not stray from her purpose. She was called here to fulfill her duties as a member of the royal family of the Centraris Kingdom.

 Yes, that's why, it's not like that.


 ——But, it's a lie.

 That's not true.

 She wants to meet him.

 She wants to meet Yuusuke.

 Even if she can't exchange words, even if she's met with anger and insults.

 If she can see Yuusuke's face even for a moment, if she can hear his voice even for a word, there is no greater happiness than that.

 But still, she's scared.

 Being rejected by him, facing the wounds she inflicted upon him, it's terrifying beyond measure.

 ——Am I being selfish and stubborn?

 So, to find a reason to escape from there, Eris is trying to find reasons in the fight.

 For a long time, she has made herself a coward until now.


 Still, Eris looked ahead.

 Even if it was to escape from Hero's curse, Eris returned the favor received from Yuusuke with revenge. For that sin, she must bear the punishment.

 Eris has that duty.

 And with that, she will throw herself into the fight.

 It's okay. If she can meet him again, she can fight. Without any regrets, she can use this life.

 Anyway, Eris knows almost nothing about this world. Thanks to the goddess's blessing, she can understand the words of the people passing by, but there is nothing else.

 That's what she thought.

 It was at that moment when she felt an extraordinary presence of magic power.

 In a distant place that is not here, someone activated the Spiritual Penetration Art (Shinrei). Unaware that it is Sakaki's "Our Story (Fairy Game)," Eris started running towards it.

 Yuusuke, who was already inside, had no way of knowing that "Our Story (Fairy Game)" was being activated. While it was active, no one could physically enter the area.

 It wasn't that there was a wall, but rather that they couldn't enter. Even though they were going straight, they found themselves back in the original location without realizing it.

 Furthermore, there was no communication with the people inside, causing a great commotion outside. Major government agencies and companies were affected, and even radio towers like the Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower were inside the area.

 The media was not functioning properly, and the command structure was in chaos for official institutions trying to investigate. Moreover, ordinary people couldn't even reach there.

 While observing these people, Eris slowly reached the boundary of the area and gently touched it.

 And when she glimpses the outline of the spell, she slides in while pouring her own magic power.

 Although it is a complicated magic that even Eris is amazed by, it is not impossible to enter.

 She slowly enters "Our Story (Fairy Game)" and loses her words.

 "This is..."

 Just by taking one step forward, the world changed its face.

 It is hell.

 The cityscape is enveloped in flames and black smoke as far as the eye can see.

 The city, which should have flourished greatly, was partially destroyed by a storm of destruction and tyranny.

 What she remembers is a scene she has seen many times until a few years ago.

 It was very similar to the invasion caused by war.

 There is a faint presence of people. Monsters stride through the flames.

 But above all, what exudes a strong presence is a gigantic humanoid figure floating in the sky.

 "Could it be, a god...?"

 Probably a god of this world, or something comparable to it. A supernatural being is looking down from above.

 With such a presence, she can understand the current situation.

 That is not something humans should challenge.

 But she doesn't know the detailed situation.

 What is the enemy, and what is the purpose of creating this situation? Is this a God-Demon War in the first place?

 Due to her role as a wise person, Eris prioritized gathering information. Prioritizing human life, and then organizing the situation.

 That's when she tried to start running.


 Her gaze stopped at a single point.

 There was only a wall of flames standing there.

 But Eris could see it. Far beyond the flames, there was only one person trying to resist this despair.

 He looked at the god and grasped his sword.


 It must be a misunderstanding.

 There's no way that's possible.

 There's no way there's such a convenient reality.

 That's what she told herself.

 There's no way there's something waiting for her, who hurt him and carried the burden of sin.

 And yet, in this worst turmoil, Eris could only think of one person who could stand up without breaking.

 And a voice that shouldn't be heard could definitely be heard.

 "'I will go, Eris.'"

 The moment she heard those words, Eris understood what she had to do.

 Not with her mind, but with her soul responding.

 She drew her rapier from the shadow of her dress and poised it before her.

 "Spiritual Penetration Art - Release."

 Without any hesitation, Eris chose this magic.

 It had been several years since she last activated it with all her seriousness.

 After the god-demon war ended, her magic had been carefully stored away in a jewelry box, forgotten by everyone.

 It had been more than enough time for it to rust and weaken.

 However, Eris had no doubts or anxieties.

 She was confident that she could wield the same, if not greater, power as before.

 "'Everlasting Royal's Garden.'"

 The white light painted over the flames.

 He would challenge the god.

 So what was her role? It was to eliminate everything that would become a concern to him.

 To protect the people on the surface and exterminate monsters.

 ——Go. The path you should take, I will create.

 Eris swung her rapier, armed with the Guardian's Forest and the Thorn of Punishment, and accomplished it.

 Even though he is far away, she feels as if he is right beside her.

 When her words reach him, she foolishly misunderstand.

 Even if it was a stupid delusion, she couldn't help but say it.

 This is a curse.

 The curse she first cast upon him.

 He suffered from it, struggled, got hurt, and hurt him.

 And yet, Eris couldn't help but say it.

 The form of him that she saw when she entered this territory.

 It was the ideal that Eris Philin Centralis admired and continued to pursue.

 "I believe in you, Yuusuke. ──You're my hero."

 Yuusuke was clad in magic power and shone like a star.

 "'Ah. We will definitely win, Eris.'"

 Carving a path for him.

 A path that even reaches the god.

 That role belongs to no one else but her.

 Yuusuke ascended to the sky as a shooting star.

 Truly, it was a first-class star bearing the hopes and expectations of the people.

 From the moment she saw it, Eris saw where the battle was going.

 Because he had always lived up to those expectations.

* * *

 When Yuusuke slashed the god with his magic, the domain came to an end.

 The flames completely disappeared, and the wall of magic power that surrounded the area began to crumble.

 Eris couldn't fully understand what this spiritual penetration art (shinrei) was, but it must have been something the enemy used as people's lives were threatened and Yuusuke was fighting.

 She did everything she could.

 And then, she ran.

 She lifted up her tattered dress, discarded her useless heels, and ran on the scorching ground.

 She had long forgotten how to breathe, and her racing heart propelled her forward.


 Even faster.

 And so, she stood there.

 Spread out before her was a flower field that seemed unsuitable for destruction.

 It was prepared by Eris as a cushion for his landing.

 In the center of the flower field, a young man was sitting.

 Already without armor and sword, using all his strength, he somehow managed to get up.

 It was a face she had seen many times before.

 He had grown more than she knew, more refined, but unmistakably, the traces of that time remained.

 Their eyes met and their gazes intertwined.


 But no words came out.

 There were words she wanted to convey.

 There were things she had to apologize for.

 Meeting him, there were so many things she wanted to do, more than could fit in a single book.

 But everything, like cotton carried by the wind, flew somewhere, leaving behind Eris Philin Centraris, an awkward and unattractive woman.

 When Eris threw off all the constraints and logic, there was only one thought left.


 Her vision became distorted and she could feel large tears running down her cheeks.

 Without realizing it, she was on her knee.

 Petals dance and fall on the hem of her dress.

 Eris didn't even try to wipe away her tears, and she just stared at him.




 Eris Philin Centralis.

 I love you.

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