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Volume 8 Chapter 33 What I Couldn't See That Day

 "Um... Hmm…"

 Tsukiko woke up, her eyes burning from the piercing sunlight.

 In her blurry vision, she could see golden hair swaying.

 "Are you okay... Tsukiko-san?"

 It took a few seconds for Tsukiko to realize it was Lisha looking at her.

 "Tsukiko-san, Tsukiko-san! Thank goodness."

 Hinata breathed a sigh of relief.

 (...I remember, I went to help everyone at home, and then...)

 As she thought about it, she recalled what had happened.

 That's right. She fought against the attacker who targeted the Isumi family, but she was defeated, unable to do anything.

 The last thing she saw was the retreating figure of the enemy.

 (I wasn't... killed.)

 She didn't know why she was the only one spared.

 Somehow, she managed to survive thanks to Lisha and others.

 "Please don't force yourself to stand up yet. Yunea-san treated you, but you should rest for a while."

 Yunea. She remembers hearing the name.

 If she recalls correctly, she was one of the 'Keys' who were in a separate group from Yuusuke.

 In reality, it was Irial and Yunea who saved Tsukiko. Yuusuke reached out to Kanami for assistance.

 And Irial and Yunea delivered the unconscious Tsukiko to Lisha's group.

 "But there are still monsters around."

 Tsukiko said as she raised her body, stunned by the scenery around her.

 It seemed that she had been put to sleep in front of a house.

 Why would they go outside instead of staying inside? The reason was clear from the surrounding situation.

 All the buildings were destroyed, turning into empty land. It didn't matter whether they stayed inside the house or not.

 But what happened while she was asleep?

 Without waiting for the question, Lisha spoke.

 "It's okay now. Yuusuke-san and the others have resolved it. This area should disappear soon. They protected us."

 Lisha said with a teary smile.

 As she said that, magic light fluttered down from the sky. This area was currently in the midst of collapsing.

 "I see, Yuusuke and the others..."

 Truly impressive.

 To think they fought against an opponent capable of causing such destruction and emerged victorious. It's a story that would be hard to believe under normal circumstances. But when it comes to Yuusuke, she find herself convinced.

 "Let's go pick up Yuusuke-san and Kou-san right away!"

 Lisha said cheerfully.

 "No, there's no need for that."

 There was an immediate response to those words.

 When she shifted her gaze, she noticed that Kougaru, wearing a black fur coat, had appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

 He, too, had tirelessly fought and defeated monsters throughout this battle.

 Lisha let out a surprised voice.

 "Eh, when did you come back?"

 "It's now. Tch, I've been used well."

 "Oh, thank you for your hard work! Um, is Yuusuke-san not with you?"

 "Huh? If it's that guy──"

 Saying that, Kou looked at the person next to him. There stood Sharla and Kanami, both staring off into the distance.

 "...I'm going to sleep."

 With only those words left behind, Kougaru entered the house.

 Lisha, not knowing what was happening, called out to Sharla and Kanami in confusion.

 "Kanami-san, Sharla-san. Where is Yuusuke-san right now──"

 She started saying that, but Lisha stopped herself from speaking.

 It was because Sharla looked at her with an expression she had never seen before.

 A face that seemed happy, that seemed like it was crying, a mysterious expression. Slowly, she opened her mouth.

 "For now──"

 With a mix of intense emotions, a single tear rolled down Sharla's cheek.

 The scenery that she thought she would never see again was reflected in her eyes.

 "Let them be."

 The time of the two that never came to fruition. Abandoned by the lakeside of farewell, the halted time now slowly begins to move.

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