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Chapter 151 Everyone Starts to Make Moves

Chapter 151 Everyone Starts To Make Moves

 "Wait, what are you planning?" Chen Huijie was stunned, watching Kirigiri Shimizu's figure, a sense of foreboding rising.

 Kirigiri Shimizu ignored her, one hand carrying a gasoline can, walking in front of the wall.

 Twisting open the lid and splashing it onto the wall, the Fujiwara Mansion had a history of several hundred years.

 During repairs, the original brick and wood structure would be maintained, which would cause maintenance costs to increase significantly, and it was also a symbol of status.

 Gasoline splattered onto the wooden boards, flowing down the wall, instantly smearing one side of the wall.

 Kirigiri Shimizu carried the empty can and placed it in the trunk, then got into the driver's seat and started the car.

 The engine made a buzzing sound, and Chen Huijie felt the car starting before snapping back to reality.

 She held onto the handle inside the car roof, her expression grim: "We're not going to set fire here, are we?"

 She was a police officer and couldn't do anything illegal.

 Kirigiri Shimizu didn't answer her. In Chen Huijie's shocked expression, she pulled out a hand grenade, threw it out of the car window, and then started the car without looking back at the explosion behind them.

 In the reception room of the Fujiwara residence, Fujiwara Mieko had a gloomy face, while Souichiro stood behind her, expressionless, fists clenched, with tense muscles all over his body.

 Across from them sat a woman, wrapped in bandages from head to toe, but with a relaxed expression, throwing pastries from the table into her mouth.

 "If Miss Mizusawa Ryo likes these pastries, I can have more brought up. I will be giving a speech in Osaka tomorrow, so I won't accompany you."

 Fujiwara Mieko couldn't help but speak first, not because she lacked composure, but because the woman in front of her had been sitting here for almost half an hour, continuously eating as if treating this place like a teahouse.

 If it were a normal situation, she would have already chased her away, but a few hours ago, she had sent someone to deal with Li Xia, and now the Special Affairs Bureau had come knocking on her door. She didn't know what tricks this woman had up her sleeve.

 She had already asked her to leave several times before, but she refused to get up.

 "Oh, great!" Mizusawa Ryo nodded quickly when she heard that there was still something good happening, glancing at the mission description.

 "Mission objective: Infiltrate the Fujiwara residence."

 "Mission requirement: No witnesses should be present when the mission ends."

 The mission only requires no witnesses at the settlement.

 As for how to get in, there are no requirements.

 Mizusawa Ryo is really stuck in a bug.

 "..." Fujiwara Mieko's mouth twitched, and she was truly puzzled this time.

 "Souichiro, you stay here to take care of Miss Mizusawa Ryo."

 After giving the order, Fujiwara Mieko was about to leave. She no longer wanted to pay attention to what Mizusawa Ryo was up to.

 She was absolutely confident that even the Special Affairs Department couldn't find evidence linking her and those assassins so quickly.

 Most likely they just found out about her connection with the Bamboo Union and came to investigate.

 "I'm here to save you," Mizusawa Ryo put down the snack, looked up at Fujiwara Mieko, with a mysterious and unpredictable expression.

 If it were someone else looking at her, she would have sat here peacefully, eating snacks, then, after the time was up, dealt with the surveillance, found a place without surveillance, and completed the bug task.

 But this Souichiro was clearly troublesome, and in someone else's territory. Mizusawa Ryo didn't have the confidence to deal with him quickly, so she could only use Plan B.

 Fujiwara Mieko is an old politician. Of course, she doesn't believe in her nonsense. Her expression remains unchanged: "If Miss Mizusawa Ryo has nothing else, please leave."

 "The assassin you sent an hour ago has already been taken care of by us," Mizusawa Ryo said with a smile. "You dare to touch Kirigiri Shimizu's child. You're quite brave."

 Fujiwara Mieko ignores her and continues walking, about to leave.

 "For that cold-hearted woman, evidence doesn't matter," Mizusawa Ryo said with a smile. "She will appear here within an hour."

 Fujiwara Mieko stops, without turning around or speaking.

 "I'm not on her side," Mizusawa Ryo said, lifting the teacup. "But I will protect you."

 Of course, Mizusawa Ryo will not protect Fujiwara Mieko. She estimates that the next task will definitely be to assassinate Fujiwara Mieko. For now, she will complete the mission by exploiting the bug, and then wait for the right moment to strike.

 "Now we need to beware of Kirigiri Shimizu barging in. If I'm not mistaken, she will attack any moment now. That person's knife is very fast. One "sizzle" and it will cut someone's neck."

 Mizusawa Ryo reached up and made a quick swipe at her own neck: "It's so quick that you don't even feel the pain."

 Fujiwara Mieko, with her high breeding, had veins popping on her forehead. This Mizusawa Ryo was really a chatterbox, full of nonsense that left her feeling agitated and upset.

 But her words made her feel uneasy too. What she relied on was secrecy in her actions, making sure no one could catch any evidence. It was quite frustrating if Kirigiri Shimizu didn't present any evidence as well.

 She stood still, with no movement, quickly weighing the pros and cons in her mind. The situation had already gone beyond her plan, starting from the assassination of that boy named Li Xia, the events had spiraled out of control.

 "Plan before action" was Fujiwara Mieko's motto. Dealing with unruly brutes who didn't follow the rules made her very annoyed.

 Just as she was pondering, there was a sudden "boom" of an explosion outside.

 The mansion quickly sounded alarms, followed by a commotion outside.

 Fujiwara Mieko remained calm, her brow furrowed as she turned to look at Souichiro.

 "That guy's here," Mizusawa Ryo said, waving her hand and picking up a pastry from the table to pop into her mouth.

 Souichiro was not affected by her words, nor did he pay attention to her. He held his earpiece with one hand and said after a moment, "There's been an explosion at the south gate, involving gasoline and explosives, possibly hand grenades."

 "Setting fire at the south gate?" Fujiwara Mieko frowned, full of doubt, as if Kirigiri Shimizu was trying to assassinate her.

 So the most direct way should be to sneak in, not to cause such a commotion.

 In those movies, when there's an explosion in one place, all the guards rush to see, but that doesn't happen in reality.

 Although the mansion is a replica of an ancient building, it is also coated with fire-resistant materials. Arson would at most burn down a wall.

 Fujiwara Mieko felt her brain was not enough and turned to look at Mizusawa Ryo.

 "I don't know what that person wants to do," Mizusawa Ryo spread her hands, "but don't leave me. As long as I'm here, I can protect you even if she comes in."

 Mizusawa Ryo was sure that Fujiwara Mieko would not believe her words and would definitely keep her distance, go to a safe place, and Ichiro would follow her to leave.

 Fujiwara Mieko just glanced lightly at Mizusawa Ryo and turned to Souichiro, "Call the police, we're under a terror attack here. Tell them to send people immediately, and report a fire alarm to have them come to put out the fire."

 As she speak, she paused for a moment and said, "Anonymous phone call to the media. Fujiwara Mieko was subjected to a terrorist attack by unidentified individuals for pushing forward with reforms. The media is coming over now for an interview."

 "..." Mizusawa Ryo's mouth twitched, "Truly a qualified politician."

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