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A S*x Worker Who Died in an Accident Somehow Returned to His High School Days, so He Tried His Best to at Least Break Free from Being a Loner Otaku, and Before He Knew It, He Built a Harem

Genre: Harem, School, Modern

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I used to be an employee of a cosplay brothel, but due to severe sleep deprivation, I had an accident and died.

Or so I thought, but for some reason, I woke up the day before the high school entrance ceremony.

I'm not particularly at the top of my class, and I may look like a shy guy, but I'm not a super smart guy or a popular handsome guy. I'm just an ordinary male high school student with no exceptionally beautiful childhood friends or sisters. Leveraging my experience and knowledge from working in the adult industry, I rewrite my lonely past.

Volume 1 Spring is the season of encounters
Volume 2 Summer is Fast Approaching Season

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