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Volume 11 Chapter 3 Role Of Each Sword

Volume 11 Chapter 3 Role Of Each Sword

 "Then let's start sealing."

 Martina said.

 "Rain-kun, Lily-chan, are you ready?"


 "Anytime is fine"

 First, we inserted each sword into the slot.

 Then, as explained in the beginning, put your mind into it.


 The sword began to vibrate.

 I can feel the heat coming from the handle.

 The entire sword is hot.

 "Be more careful!"

 Martina said.

 "The vibration is a phenomenon when power is being poured into the tool from the sword. More power!"



 We also send a 'thoughts'.

 To further strengthen the Light Dragon King's seal.

 In order to end the battle with this――


 The vibrations become even more intense.

 The sword becomes even hotter――




 Me, Lily, and Martina all shouted at the same time.

 Strange, the swords are too hot.

 My hands might burn at this rate.

 We instinctively let go of the swords.

 The three swords floated in the air and started to flicker.

 '"Refaid Sword", "Miraafa Sword", "Faiza Sword"―― overload initiated. All the power of the swords concentrated into "Roselia Sword".'

 What happened――?

 Mechanical voices flowed from Victor-san's sword, 'Roselia Sword'.

 'Absorption of 'power' complete.'

 Victor-san, holding 'Roselia Sword', glared at us.

 In those eyes, there was a strange red glow.

 "Now the power of all the swords has gathered into my sword."

 Victor-san quietly declared.

 His voice had no unusual intonation, it was lifeless.

 It was as if he was a machine.



 The three swords, Refaid Sword, Miraafa Sword, and Faiza Sword, fell to the floor without any strength.

 The light, it vanished.

 It was as if they had lost all their power.

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