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Volume 11 Chapter 4 Light Dragon King Resurrection

Volume 11 Chapter 4 Light Dragon King Resurrection

 "Great job, my servant."

 Suddenly, a voice echoed.

 It was a deep and heavy voice.

 "If only I can take the power of the three swords, no one can stop me from sealing myself again! Now, I have no weaknesses..."

 A roar resounded.

 "Now is the perfect opportunity for resurrection!"


 A crack ran through the space ahead.

 "What's this...!?"

 I had a bad feeling.

 "The seal is about to break...!?"

 Martina screamed.

 In the next moment, the crack widened, and something enormous emerged from it.

 At the same time, a tremendous shockwave burst forth.

 "Everyone, come to my side and get down!"

 In a panic, I stepped forward.

 Lily and the others quickly got down behind me.

 The protective items I wore and the reinforced cloth clothes I had were able to cut out all of the Shockwaves.

 The ruins crumbled.

 I also protected everyone from the falling debris.

 The raging shockwave continued for about ten minutes.

 When it finally subsided, my surroundings were covered in debris.

 I was mostly buried, but thanks to my protective gear, some air holes were created.

 However, I couldn't move in this state.

 "Margaret, can you use magic to blow away the debris? Let's all go outside."

 "I'll give it a try."

 Margaret stood up.

 "I'll use my 'Wind' magic to remove the debris."

 "Please do."

 She is a magic warrior.

 Just as she said, she carefully removed the debris with her wind magic, creating an escape space around us.

 Emerging from the debris, we looked ahead.

 "I feel a surge of power! I am free...!"

 There was a giant silhouette that let out a cry of joy.

 "That's him..."

 I looked up at the massive figure.

 "Light Dragon King--!"

 I wonder how long it is, maybe hundreds of meters (hundreds of yards).

 It was like a moving mountain, with an overwhelming sense of pressure.

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