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Volume 13 Chapter 8 The Ones Who Possess 'relics', Part Two

Volume 13 Chapter 8 The Ones Who Possess 'Relics', Part Two

 "These two are always at odds with each other."

 Deeta, the beautiful woman in black attire who possesses the power of 'Destruction,' let out a small sigh.

 "You're just trying to intimidate each other, aren't you?"

 Cyril, the cheerful young girl in a white dress who possesses the power of 'Movement,' smiled brightly.

 Although they supported the Light Dragon King in the previous battle, they were ultimately defeated by Rain and Victor.

 But for them, that battle was more like a warm-up.

 The real deal is about to begin.

 "The first one to reach the 'Memory of the Stars'――whether it's me or someone else."

 "But everyone wants to be the first, don't they?"

 "They say that the one who reaches it first will possess all their wishes and an all-powerful ability――"

 "Well, we're rivals too, you know."

 "I'm not interested, really, Cyril."

 "Even as you say that, you're secretly aiming for it, aren't you, Deeta?"

 "I'll refrain from commenting on that."

 To the two people were talking.

 "We might be rivals, but for now, we're still allies. All of us."

 Goldred looked around at them all.

 "Each of us might have our own plans, but first, I want everyone to work together and be united in our actions."

 However, it's quite tough to organize this scattered group and get them all moving in the same direction.

 Being a leader is a tough role to play.

 Goldred sighed inwardly.

* * *

 I, along with Bernard-san, Rath, and the female adventurer Rosa, set out on a journey to search for Victor-san.

 This quest wasn't arranged by the guild.

 The three of them are helping me out of pure kindness.

 I could only express my gratitude.

 Even though I have enchantment magic of cheat-level, there's a problem of how much I can utilize that power in finding a person...

 If there were magic tools to locate specific individuals, I could 'enhance' its ability and search for Victor-san, but unfortunately, I didn't have any leads on such tools.

 So, the only option is to search diligently.

 Four people are much stronger than one person alone.

 Now, we were discussing how to find Victor-san.

 "Exploration magic?"

 "Yes. It's my specialty~."

 said Rosa.

 "I'll try using my magic to find this person, Victor."

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