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Volume 13 Chapter 9 Rosa's Exploration Magic

Volume 13 Chapter 9 Rosa's Exploration Magic

 "Can you do it?"

 "Well, I'm not confident in attack magic, but I'm good at exploration magic."

 "Oh, impressive!"

 "Rosa is amazing."

 Mirabell tries to pet her.

 "...I can't reach."

 "Hahaha, Mirabell, you're so small."

 "Rosa is too tall."

 That's right, she's about 170cm (5'7ft) tall.

 Taller than me.

 It made sense that Mirabell couldn't reach her head since she was small.

 "Rosa, bend down."

 "Yes, yes."

 "Pet, pet."

 "Thanks, Mirabell."


 Mirabell puffs out her chest for some reason when Rosa says thanks.

 "Now, let's start the exploration magic right away. Everyone, be quiet because I need to concentrate~"

 We all fell silent when she said that.


 "Yes, Mirabell, keep your mouth shut for a while."

 "Roger that."

 ...After a series of exchanges, Rosa's search magic is activated.

 "[Search III]!"

 By the way, the number 'III' after the spell name represents the rank of the spell.

 III is higher in rank and has a greater effect than II, and II is higher than I.


 A green glow overflows around Rosa and spreads in a ripple pattern.

 Eventually, the glow fades.

 "――I found him. It's in this direction"

 Rosa said.

 "What's the specific location?"

 "I don't know."

 Rosa shrugged her shoulders in response to my question.

 "...You didn't actually find him?"

 "I only know the direction. Once we get closer to the target, the effect of [Search VI] should activate again."

 "That's quite vague."

 "The effects of [Search] spells can vary. If the rank is around VI or VII, you can pinpoint the target with high accuracy. But for me, it's impossible. Sorry."

 "Well, just giving me the direction is valuable information. Thank you, Rosa."

 "Hehe, you're welcome."

 So―― we set off on our journey.

 First things first, we gotta find Victor-san.

 Then, we'll figure out our plan for the future.

 --Are you aiming for 'Memory of the Stars' as well?

 Suddenly, a voice echoed in my mind.

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