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Volume 14 Chapter 4 Melee

Volume 14 Chapter 4 Melee

 And then, it happened.

 "Hehe, don't forget about me."

 Suddenly, a voice echoed.

 Oh no, there was someone else――.

 From behind, a strong radiance emerged.

 "This is...!"

 I quickly drew the 'Refaid Sword'.

 But at that moment,


 The boy declared.


 At the same time, my sword turned gray.

 "What is this――?"

 It felt like the 'power' was draining from the sword.

 "I'm Jig with the ability 'Stop'. I can halt anything―― your sword seems to be a legendary item, but its strength and effects, all of it."

 The boy named Jig laughed.

 "And I halted it."

 "You guy..."

 'Stop', huh?

 It might be a pretty bad match for me.

 All the weapons, armor, and items I enhanced with 'Bestowal'――.

 It seems like his ability can stop all of their effects.

 In short, it's about nullifying my 'Bestowal.'

 And furthermore,


 The woman drew her sword and unleashed a slash at me.


 It's probably not the power of the 'Relic Holder,' but rather her natural combat abilities that are already at a high level.

 It's like she's A-class or S-class――

 I couldn't react in time, but luckily, I was at a distance, and I managed to avoid the first strike somehow.

 But the woman wasted no time and unleashed a second strike.

 Oh no, this time I can't dodge...


 Rath jumped out from the side and blocked her slash.

 "Oh, to stop my attack... Impressive for someone so young."

 "This... Such a heavy attack... Ugh!"

 Rath groaned.

 "But Rain-san, I'll protect you!"

 He's a reliable bodyguard.

 Ideally, I would want to fend off the enemy's attacks with just my items and armor, but...

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