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Volume 14 Chapter 3 New Defense Items

Volume 14 Chapter 3 New Defense Items

 "Come out, 'Soft Balloon'!"

 I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small balloon.

 'Soft Balloon.'

 This little thing is a magic item.

 Just like its name suggests, it's a balloon-shaped defense item.

 However, it's been enchanted with about +3000 points of flexibility.


 I caught the approaching light sphere-- a [Penetrating Bullet] - with the balloon.

 Thanks to the +3000 effect, the balloon was incredibly soft and couldn't be pierced by the penetrating bullet.


 It bounced back forcefully, flying off into the distance.

 "Alright, that went well."

 "So, it's the power of 'Bestowal,' huh?"

 "A power that can greatly enhance a target... it's troublesome."

 A pair of boys and girls were looking at me.

 "Was that your doing?"

 "It's my magic. My name is Lisa, the 'Magic Bullet'-- nice to meet you."

 A girl named Lisa bowed and said so.

 "Magic Bullet...?"

 "You might have the ultimate power of 'Bestowal,' but I've got the ultimate 'Magic Bullet' power."

 Then Lisa continued,

 "Even if you're the hero who defeated the Light Dragon King, it won't be easy to beat us."

 "We're going to reach the 'Memory of the Stars,' and we won't give way to other power holders."

 This time the boy said so after Lisa.

 "I don't really understand or aim for that 'Memory of the Stars' thing. You two are just attacking us one-sidedly, aren't you?"

 I carefully watched the two of them without letting my guard down and said,

 "Including the ones like Deeta and Cyril from the other day--"

 "The holders of the 'Relic' are destined to be drawn together and fight. It's inevitable for us to meet like this."

 Lisa said so.

 "So, are you going to fight each other?"

 "Well, that's how it will end up, I guess. But for now, we're teaming up to find a way to 'Memory of the Stars.' Once we've defeated all the other forces and found the path to 'Memory of the Stars,' then..."

 "It will turn into...a fight among ourselves. In the end, only one will remain."

 The boy smiled.

 He seemed to find joy in the idea of fighting among friends.

 He genuinely...laughed.

 I felt a chill run down my spine.

 There's something broken about this person.

 That kind of atmosphere was thick in the air.

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