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Volume 14 Chapter 6 Combination, Part One

Volume 14 Chapter 6 Combination, Part One

 Teamwork is important, as well as the order of attacks.

 I'm organizing the plan in my head.

 "――Alright, let's do this!"

 At least in my brain simulation, I confirmed that we have a good chance of winning.

 "Everyone, can you follow my instructions?"

 "If you believe there's a 'good chance', then I trust you."

 Bernard-san nodded first.

 "Of course, Rain-san."


 Then Rath and Rosa nodded.

 "If we fail, there will be a fine."

 Mirabell said last.

 "Uh, okay..."

 That's such a typical response from her.

 Anyway, let's start the plan.

 "First, Rath and Mirabell will handle Flora. You will distract her in close combat, but avoid going too deep."

 "Got it!"

 "Not a fine... I mean, Roger that."

 Rath and Mirabell are heading towards Flora.

 "Bernard-san will provide support using magic. Rosa, stay in the rear and come to our aid if someone is in danger."

 "Got it."


 And then,

 I turned to Jig.

 "What's wrong? Haven't you learned that your 'Bestowal' can't defeat me?"

 "I can win."

 "You're just someone who lacks understanding―― 'Stop'."

 Jig thrusts his right hand forward.

 Is he trying to 'Stop' my movements?

 "Well then―― take this!"

 I threw enhanced knives one after another.

 One of them had its enhancement stripped off by 'Stop,' but the rest headed towards Jig.

 "Is that all you've got?"

 Jig moved his right hand again, stripping off the enhancements one after another.

 Meanwhile, I kept my eyes on his movements.

 "Yup, just as I thought...!"

 Alright, confirmation complete.

 "Not happy, huh? Do you still think you can beat me...?"

 Jig glares at me.

 "The one who will reach 'Memory of the Stars' is me."

 "I don't want to go to 'Memory of the Stars' or anything. But if you guys come attacking me... I'll brush off the sparks that come my way. I'm not the kind of person who just accepts being beaten down unfairly, even if I'm a pushover or too nice."

 Yeah, when I was expelled from the guild, I could only stand there dumbfounded.

 I was just drowning in sadness.

 But now, it's different.

 "With this power that saved me... this time, I'll save myself and my friends."

 I drew a sword from my pocket.

 "Hmph, if you can handle it――"

 "I can handle it."

 I bestow the Strengthening points on the sword and slash forward.

 "Hah, don't you get that using a stronger sword is pointless?"

 Jig scoffs.

 "Yeah, probably pointless."

 Then, just as he's about to stop it, I snatch back the Strengthening points I bestowed on the sword.


 Jig looking super surprised...

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