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Volume 14 Chapter 7 Combination, Part Two

Volume 14 Chapter 7 Combination, Part Two

 When I collected the Strengthening points, the sword became a simple sword that was not enhanced.

 And if it's just a regular sword, Jig can't stop it.

 This was a gamble.

 I wondered how far Jig's Stop range was.

 Where does the effect occur?

 If he can stop everything, then all the tricks I'm doing now would be useless.

 But if Jig's Stop only works on objects that I enhanced with "Bestowal"...

 "T-This guy――"

 Maybe Jig thought he could stop my sword with his own ability.

 He was convinced... probably.

 That delay in reaction.


 Even so, he managed to dodge my strike.

 He moved well.


 "I-I can't move...!?"

 Jig suddenly stopped moving.

 Ropes were wrapped around both his hands and feet.

 I threw a magic item right after my slash.

 Its effect was to wrap around Jig's hands and feet, stopping his movements.

 But it was just a low-level item.

 "What's wrong? It didn't trigger my 'Bestowal.' It's just a regular item."

 The slash was just a feint.

 The real deal was this―― the other capture item.

 "T-This thing..."

 "And this is the finishing touch..."

 I threw the capture item.

 I made sure to put in some 'Strengthening points' in this one.

 Before Jig's 'Stop' could activate――


 My item captured him.

 "Now, there's no way you can move, right? Can you still activate 'Stop' in this state?"

 I noticed something while observing Jig's movements earlier.

 When he activates 'Stop,' he has to move both hands.

 So, if I can prevent that movement, then he won't be able to use 'Stop,' right?

 "Grr, ggggg..."

 Jig had a frustrated expression on his face.

 That expression revealed the answer.

 "With this, I have sealed Jig's 'Stop'――"

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