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Volume 15 Chapter 3 Escape Plan, Part Two

 Another setback.

 Several cracks appeared in the 'Reinforced Barrier,' but overall, they were just minor scratches.

 It seemed difficult to deal decisive damage to the 'Reinforced Barrier' and break it with this method.

 "Maybe it's hard to pry it open from the inside alone."

 Flora tapped the surrounding walls lightly.

 "'Barriers' are strong against attacks from one direction, but they're quite fragile when attacked from both sides."

 "Hey, hey, is it okay to talk about your own ability's weaknesses?"

 Jig sounded puzzled.

 "Rain's one thing, but eventually, we might become your enemies too."

 "Right now, escaping is our top priority."

 Flora smiled.

 "But going back to the point... it's a common tactic for things like this that 'applying force from both inside and outside simultaneously can lead to Destruction'."

 "Both inside and outside..."

 When I heard that, I suddenly realized.

 "Okay, maybe if I contact my friends outside, we could make it work."

 "Yeah, if you can reach them, that is."

 Jig chimed in with a skeptical tone.

 "After all, we don't have any way to communicate our intentions to the outside world."

 "Isn't there anyone with, like, magic or skills for that? I'm only good with enchantment magic, so I can't help."

 "I'm not about to spill all my secrets that easily."

 Jig snorted in response.

 "And, you realize we're supposed to be enemies, right? Why spill the beans about only being able to use enchantment magic?"

 "Well, we're in a cooperation phase right now..."

 I chuckled.

 "Remember when Flora shared her weakness? I'm just doing the same."

 "Haha, you're as much of a softie as Flora."

 Lisa grinned.

 "I don't dislike you, you know."


 "Hey, hey, Lisa――"

 "Wait, are you jealous, Jig?"

 In a rushed jig, Lisa flashed a grin, kinda mischievous-like.

 "Huh, what, those two are like, a thing?"

 "Dunno, really."

 I couldn't help but ask, and Flora just deadpanned,

 "Just had a hunch for ages."

 But her lips, they were kinda loose, y'know?

 "Maybe you were curious?"

 "Well, if it's juicy gossip..."

 Flora's eyes were sparkling.

 So, that's her vibe, huh?

 Seeing these sides we didn't in the heat of battle, it's kind of heartwarming, huh?

 ...No, maybe not so heartwarming after all.

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