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Volume 15 Chapter 2 Escape Plan, Part One

Volume 15 Chapter 2 Escape Plan, Part One

 "So, if Rain-san and I cancel our abilities at the same time, this 'Barrier'――or should I say, 'Reinforced Barrier'―― might disappear."

 "Got it, let's give it a shot."

 Flora and I exchanged glances, focusing our minds.


 We both shouted simultaneously.

 The surrounding 'Reinforced Barrier' momentarily distorted―― then quickly snapped back into place.

 "...Well, that didn't work. I can't seem to control it properly."

 "I tried to retrieve Strengthening points, but I couldn't revert them like before. It feels like they're stuck in the 'Reinforced Barrier' regardless of my will."

 I let out a frustrated sigh.

 "But, I feel like I managed to retrieve Strengthening points for a split second. The 'Reinforced Barrier' itself seemed to change too... Maybe if Lisa times her 'Magic Bullet' attack during that moment, we could break it."

 "Let's give it a try."

 Lisa nodded at my suggestion.

 Alright, let's do this.

 Flora and I deactivated our powers simultaneously.

 We synchronized our timing, and then Lisa fired off her 'Magic Bullet'.

 "No good."

 Lisa grimaced.

 "I fired off 'Magic Bullet' too soon, and the 'Reinforced Barrier' reverted back."

 "Okay, how about I try to 'Stop' it?"

 Jig suggested, raising his hand this time.

 "Flora and Rain deactivate their abilities, I 'Stop' it, then Lisa fires off 'Magic Bullet'."

 "Everyone needs to be on point for this to work smoothly."

 I chuckled.

 "But, nothing ventured, nothing gained."

 And so, we went for it.

 And then――


 "Whoa, we did it!"

 A tiny crack appeared in the 'Barrier'!"

 "Alright, let's keep going!"

 I exclaimed with gusto.

 I can see a glimmer of hope for escape!

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