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Because I Reincarnated as the Loser Heroine Whose Profession is the Brave's Childhood Friend, I'll Change My Job to an Alchemist

Genre: ShoujoIsekai, Romance

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When I saw the fangs of a demon roaring in front of me …

At that moment, I remembered “I’ve seen this before”

“I’m in the world of the classic RPG I used to play in my previous life.”

“And I’m … a losing heroine who is the hero’s childhood friend, but will be forgotten by him in the future!”

This character is a childhood friend of the Brave Hero, she confessed to the hero, before he went on his journey to defeat the Demon King, and promises to wait for him until his return …

But her time on screen ended there, after only an hour.

The hero fell in love with another girl, the Main Heroine, on his journey and forgets her promise … making many players feel sorry for her.

If I stay in this village like in the original story, my future is only the one of a losing heroine!

In order to prevent this from happening, I’ll leave the village, armed with the talent for concoction of magical potions that I’ve been working on.

And then, I’ll aim to become an alchemist Master in the Royal City.

I’m not sure what the end was for the childhood friend of the Brave Hero in the original story but …

I’ll grab a happy future on my own!

Volume 1 - Awakening ~9 Years Old Volume 2 - ~12 Years Old Volume 3 - Royal Alchemist Trainee (~14 Years Old) Volume 4 - Royal Alchemist Assistant (~14 Years Old) Volume 5 - Royal Alchemist Assistant (~15 Years Old) Volume 6 - Royal Alchemist Assistant (Trainee) 2nd Year (~15 Years Old)
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