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Chapter 100 The Protagonist and the Heroine

Chapter 100 The Protagonist And The Heroine

 ――It's been a few days since I sent a letter to Lukas, asking him to come to the royal capital.

 My childhood friend rushed to the royal capital. Lukas was greeted by Arnold and me under the large arch at the entrance of the royal capital. After meeting up, we decided to discuss the detailed situation in a room at the castle where our mentor, Marcedes-san, and Elvira were waiting.

 Among the crowds, Lukas walked with a stern expression, but his face lit up when he saw me. He ran towards me with a big smile, and I couldn't help but smile back at his obvious change in demeanor.


 "Lukas, I'm sorry for calling you out so suddenly. Thanks for coming."

 "It's okay, don't worry about it."

 Lukas shook his head, looking like a large dog, though he's a bit shorter than that. I felt relieved seeing him express his trust with his whole body.

 Suddenly, Lukas's gaze shifted to behind me. There was Arnold, his lips pressed together, his expression unchanging.

 "...Hello, Arnold-san."

 "I'm sorry for calling you out due to our circumstances."

 After exchanging awkward greetings, Arnold asked me in a low voice, "How much did you tell him?" I turned around and replied.

 "I told him everything in the letter."

 "Got it. ...I'll explain it again directly. I want to ask for your help to save my sister, Elvira."

 Arnold bowed his head deeply, and Lukas furrowed his brow, looking like he sensed something. He seemed to be thinking deeply.

 ――After that, we couldn't continue the conversation there, so we moved to a room in the castle where Elvira and the others were waiting. There, Arnold calmly told Lukas the facts.

 The demon king is trying to revive in this world.

 The demon king is currently possessing Arnold's sister, Elvira.

 The existence of the people from Rustu who provided us with that information.

 So, we said that Lukas's power might be able to defeat the Demon King.

 We're planning to conduct an "experiment" soon, working with the people of Rustu to extract the Demon King that's possessing Elvira.

 ――That's why I need your help. I said finally.

 I already wrote about this in my letter, but when we explained it to me face-to-face, Lukas still looked puzzled. His blue eyes were fixed on me, seeking my help.

 I didn't nod or shake my head. I just stared at the Hero's mark on his left eye.

 After a brief silence, Lukas opened his mouth.

 "I understand the situation. If my power can be of any use... I want to help."

 The atmosphere in the room relaxed at his words.

 "Thank you, Lukas-dono."

 Arnold said, bowing his head. Lukas didn't show any signs of pride or arrogance, simply nodding in response.

 When the conversation had reached a pause, Marcedes-san, who had been quietly watching until now, spoke up to Lukas.

 "Really, thank you, Lukas-kun. I want to express my gratitude too."


 Lukas's face turned slightly red as he called out Marcedes-san's name, overcome with emotion at their reunion. Marcedes-san's face lit up with joy, and she let out a small "Ah!"

 "I'm so glad you remembered me. It's been a while, and you've become quite the handsome young man."

 "Oh, thank you..."

 Lukas's face turned even redder at the words "handsome young man". He struggled to respond, but then he saw my mentor, Berta-san, standing next to Marcedes-san, and his face clearly relaxed. He rushed over to Berta-san's side.

 "Berta-san, you're here! I thought you were away from home recently!"

 "Ah, I've been enjoying life in the royal capital."

 Fofofo, Mentor let out a laugh that was truly befitting of a granny character. Lukas and her exchanged updates on each other's lives, and suddenly, his blue eyes widened slightly.

 In Lukas's line of sight, he saw Elvira, who had been completely hidden behind my mentor. Had they become friends on the way to her hometown, the elf village?

 "...Is that you, Elvira-chan?"

 "I'm Elvira Rocco."

 "I'm Lukas Kamil. Nice to meet you."

 Lukas squatted down and smiled at Elvira, trying to make eye contact with her. She remained hidden behind my mentor, perhaps due to shyness.

 Seeing the 2 of them side by side, I couldn't help but be reminded of "Last Brave." The little genius magician and the Hero of this world. Both of them carry the expectations and pressure of many people, forming a special bond that is different from love. It's like they're siblings.

 Lost in the feeling of watching the interaction between a brother and sister, a sudden knock shattered the peaceful atmosphere in the room.

 Thump, my heart raced. Standing behind the open door was a member of Rustu's people.

 Leading the way was Reinhardt-san, who approached Lukas in a straight line and bowed.

 "Nice to meet you, Lukas-san."

 "Who are you?"

 Without hesitation, I stepped in between them and introduced them to Lukas.

 "This is Reinhardt-san from Rustu's people, mentioned in Arnold-san's story."

 "Oh! Nice to meet you, I'm Lukas Kamil."

 Reinhardt-san's amber eyes, which he politely extended his right hand to Lukas, pierced me for a moment.

 Suddenly, the conversation I had with Reinhardt-san yesterday resurfaced in my mind.

 'Can't you tell Lukas that he's been chosen as the Hero?'

 Yesterday, when I proposed this to Reinhardt-san, he readily agreed.

 Lukas still doesn't realize that he's a hero. He's amazed by his own power, but he doesn't think he's destined to defeat the demon king.

 Suddenly being told "You're the hero, please defeat the demon king" is not something he can just accept. He'll find out eventually, but it doesn't seem like the right time.

 The protagonist of "Last Brave" gradually learns of his fate as he travels. It's not something that a third party suddenly appears and tells him.

 'I was just thinking the same thing. If someone suddenly told you that you're the hero, it would definitely be unsettling. It could even affect the planned day of action.'

 Reinhardt-san's words were reasonable and rational.

 When Lukas bowed and said "Nice to meet you." the red-haired man smiled with a puzzled look.

 "Please don't bow to me. That's Laura-sensei's line."

 It seems like Reinhardt-san feels guilty about my mentor incident. I can't seem to find the right distance from him, so I can only smile vaguely.

 ――Now, Reinhardt-san, who stands in front of Lukas, has neatly tied up his usually loose hair and is dressed formally. His eyes still look fierce, but he clearly has a different vibe than usual.

 "The day of action will be the day after tomorrow. Nice to meet you."

 "Nice to meet you too."

 After Reinhardt-san finished his greeting, Sieg-san quickly approached Lukas with a friendly smile.

 Lukas, who was a little nervous and tense due to being shy, seemed to relax when he saw Sieg-san's smile.

 "I'm Sieg, and this is Leon. Nice to meet you."

 Behind Sieg-san, Leon-san, who was standing, gave a nervous smile similar to Lukas's and greeted him. Perhaps because he was closer in age to Reinhardt-san ―― of course, Lukas was still younger ―― some small talk seemed to flow.

 As they exchanged friendly conversation, there was one person left, a silver-haired girl.

 Lukas's blue eyes widened the moment they were directed at the girl. Their gazes intertwined. Everything seemed to move in slow motion to me ―― I could clearly see Lukas take a step towards her, and even the slight smile on his lips.

 "...And you are?"

 "I'm Diona. Nice to meet you, Lukas-sama."

 ――It was the moment when the protagonist and heroine of this world met.

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