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Chapter 84 Living Together with the Demon Lord, Leaf

Chapter 84 Living Together With The Demon Lord, Leaf

 Vandesdelka, the Demon Lord, was saved by Leaf Chemist.

 Taking on a human form, he infiltrated the capital city in search of clues about the evil god... or so he thought.

 Before entering the capital city, he nearly vanished due to a repellent set up by Leaf. After various events, he is currently in the Divine Gemstone guild.

 "I-I'm saved. Ohoho, thank you for everything~"

 Vandesdelka tries to sneak away from the guild members, including Leaf, realizing that even with all his power, it's not enough to deal with these dangerous people!




 Called out by Leaf, Vandesdelka kneels down on the spot.

 Did he anger an insanely powerful monster that rivals the people in Hero Village!? I'm gonna die! I don't want to die! My survival instincts kicked in, and I prostrated myself at the speed of light.

 But then Leaf asked in confusion,

 "Do you have any money?"

 "Uh, money...?"

 "Yes. Because you were broke, right? What are you going to do about tonight's lodging?

 Ah, the Demon Lord realized. Indeed, there was no operating funds in the capital city. Being a demon, he didn't have any human money.

 "No, I'm fine."

 "You can't be fine. I know! How about joining a guild?"

 "Wha! Th-That's impossible! A nobody like me can't just waltz into a den of monsters like this!"

 Thanks to Leaf's otherworldly training technique, the Divine Gemstone was now teeming with terrifying monsters.

 "But, you have no money. With nowhere to live, joining a guild might be the better option."

 "Seriously, it's okay! It's really okay!"


 Leaf felt sorry for the broke Vandesdelka.

 Maybe she dropped her money, he thought. It was a suggestion born out of pure goodwill.

 But from Vandesdelka's perspective, he wanted to leave this place a second ago, yet Leaf was stopping him.

 Could it be that he's onto my true identity and trying to kill him...?

 Just then,

 "Oh, it's fine. I'll take care of that child at my place."


 Comet Witch Mercury approached the Demon Lord with a sigh.

 She whispered quietly so no one else could hear.

 "...I've heard from Granny Merlin. I'll look after you at her place."

 I see, it seems Merlin doesn't intend make him to handle this alone. This witch lady had arranged for her to help out.

 "That's great, isn't it!"

 "Oh, yes... I'm sorry for causing you worry."

 Phew... Vandesdelka wiped the sweat from his forehead. With this, he could escape from the monster's nest and the extraordinary monster in front of him.

 Vandesdelka, along with Mercury, left the guild and arrived at her residence, the Comet Workshop.

 "This is my shop."

 "I'll be in your care for a while."



 When he turned around, there was Leaf with a smile. With a tense expression on her face, she asked,

 "W-why are you here?"

 "Huh? Because I also live here. Didn't I tell you?"

 He didn't say it. He didn't hear it. Living together with Mercury was unexpected.

 (Wait, does this mean I'll be living with this monster from now on?)


 Due to the immense mental burden, Vandesdelka fainted on the spot.

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