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Volume 2 Chapter 22 Celebration - Plan with Clay

Volume 2 Chapter 22 Celebration - Plan With Clay

 The four of us raised our glasses in the guild's dining hall.

 "Well then, let's celebrate this achievement ---cheers!"


 We clinked our wooden barrel mugs together. After each taking a sip, I placed both hands on the table.

 "And, once again, I apologize for selfishly rushing out!"

 "This boar..."

 Toxy's harsh words hit home. Yeah, I couldn't say anything back. I was the boar.

 "I was surprised when you said, 'I'll take them both on.' It would have been fine if you were just showing off. But you were serious. And you could actually handle it. I don't even know where to start criticizing."

 "I'm truly, truly sorry...!"

 "Well, well... Toxy-chan, Wade-kun didn't mean any harm, so..."

 "Rather, I think this is a somewhat his chronic disposition, and it seems better to act with that in mind from the start."

 While Ice's support is appreciated, it's about handling Clay. I'm starting to understand, but it seems Clay is the type with quite a bit of poison.

 "So, I wanted to discuss something, Wade-kun. You can go wild as you like. In return, could you leave the command of support to me from now on?"

 "Like this time?"

 "Yeah. You tend to get excited and charge in when facing a strong enemy, right? If you're in control of the commands, we might end up being paralyzed even just a little."

 "That's true."

 I ponder. The support from Clay this time was quite accurate. He took command in a way that didn't unnecessarily interfere in the battle between me and Silver, ensuring that I would gain an advantage.

 It is a more advanced decision than the strategy I originally had in mind. I had initially intended to entrust one of the Silver duo to Clay and Frain. However, that would have likely made the battle even more complicated.

 After careful consideration, I nodded.

 "Understood, I'll leave it to you, Clay. In fact, I think you might be more suitable than me."

 "Roger, I got it. However, you're still the leader of this party. When it comes to strategy planning and coordination, Wade-kun also has a sharp mind. So, please make the decisions when it comes to that, okay?"

 "Haha, of course."

 Clay and I bumped fists, reaffirming our male friendship.

 On the other hand, Ice observed the situation with a cautious attitude, saying, "If Wade-kun thinks it's okay..." while Toxy looked into the distance and remarked, "Ah, it seems Wade's boar won't be fixed anymore."

 ...It seems the women are not very impressed. Oh well, it can't be helped. I'm a boar after all.

 "Anyway, we have achieved satisfactory results! Toxy's debt has disappeared, and we have gained a huge financial surplus!"

 "Even though it's a celebration, Frain took his share and left immediately. He's always been blunt like that."

 I shrug my shoulders at Toxy's complaints. Well, that's just how he is. He's just not the type to get along with others in general.

 But then Toxy said,

 "Still, really, thank you so much, Wade. And everyone else too... I was able to avenge my father. Just that alone, I'm so full of emotions!"

 "Yeah, that's great..."

 Ice comforts the tearful Toxy. Clay and I quietly clink our mugs together, toasting for the second time.

 We drink our ale. Ah, it's delicious. It's not only the sweet taste of victory but also the melting ice of our friends' trauma. Maybe it's the alcohol, but I feel like crying too.

 "Let's drink today anyway! Cheers to Toxy!"


 We deceive our emotions and raise our glasses once again. Clay, who had been holding back moderately last time, quickly moves on to his second drink.

 "Are you in the mood to drink today?"

 "Yeah. It's a special day, you know. And with this much funding, we can do something a little bigger."

 "Something bigger, huh? Like what specifically, Clay?"

 Excitedly, I ask, "What kind of big things?" Clay shrugs his shoulders and says, "That curious side of you is a virtue."

 "For now, with this much money, we can buy a base. With a base, we can improve our equipment. And a full set of high-quality weapons. That way, our strength will increase, and we can aim for more territories."

 "Oh, it's like expanding production. That's cool. A base for the party, facilities, weapons. Dreams are expanding."

 "Three big gold coins, that's the amount. ...I feel like we could have been a bit more greedy."

 "Well, don't say that, Clay. Money beyond one's means will destroy oneself. We only did this because there was a just cause this time. If we take more than that, we would just become mere robbers."

 "...That's true. It seems like you have a better sense of balance in that regard. It's strange. Even though Wade-kun charges forward so recklessly on the battlefield, in everyday life, it feels like he's always talking like an older."


 I'll just swallow the words about being reincarnated. There's no point in saying that. Instead, I take a gulp of my ale.

 As I do so, Ice, looking a bit displeased, forcefully squeezes in between me and Clay and sits down. It's a typical behavior of Ice when she's drunk. Clay smiles wryly and stands up from his seat.

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