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Chapter 21 Exchange of Love and Desire

This the extra chapter...
 The amount of money I had just mentioned was met with a moment of silence in the auction room. The participants were frozen in place for a moment, but then, perhaps their thinking caught up with the situation, a loud commotion arose from all over the place.
 “The price suddenly went up!”
 “He's going to pay that much for one woman!?”
 10 million is not a cheap price, even in the game world.
 For example, even the most expensive weapon item that can be purchased at an armory costs no more than 1 million gold. So, with 10 million gold, it is possible to equip all the members of a party with the most powerful equipment and face the final boss battle with all possible preparations.
 To spend that much money to get just one slave. It is an act considered foolish.
 “I've made a mistake... I've done something unnecessary again...”
 I sighed inwardly as I stared at the bustling auction hall with vacant eyes.
 Even if I don't help Urza, she will be saved by the hero in the scenario of the [Sacred Sea} and be released from slavery. My action is an action that may destroy such a future.
 Maybe even the outcome of the war itself will be changed by my actions.
 “But... how can I ignore her tragic future when I know it's coming?”
 Urza White Ogre is a girl who will be saved by the protagonist of another game.
 Until then, however, she will fall into the hands of a vicious nobleman who will play with her small body. Her immature, still-growing body becomes a prey to their ugly desires, and she is tortured to the point of having her heart broken into pieces without a trace.
 If I don't know something, I can ignore it. But in my previous life, I witnessed such a horrific future through the game screen. So, it is impossible for me to turn a blind eye to the fact that I am at the crossroads of rescuing an innocent demi-human girl.
 “I'm sorry for the protagonist of [Sacred Sea]... but if I'm the main character, I can at least do something to change the scenario by myself. I can't become a villain like Zenon Baskerville!”
 “Come one? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!? 10 million, 10 million Gold!? Anybody!? Anyone, who's interested in competing with that handsome boy over thereeeee!?”
 Perhaps in response to the unprecedentedly high amount of money, the host, Leybold, was also excited, flailing his arms around. His belly, which was bulging violently, moved up and down in accordance with his excited movements.
 “Kuh... 10... 10 million...”
 The man moaning in frustration is an aristocrat who was almost ready to win the auction but was intervened. He looks at me with a hateful glare as I stand in the aisle, but when I glare back at him, he turns his face away from me.
 “My villainous look has come in handy for the first time. So this mean, I won't lose in a staring contest”
 I sniffed and returned to my seat, where I had just stood up. Then, I sit down and cross my legs in a big, proud smile.
 Zenon Baskerville was a man with an evil-looking face, but at the same time, he was a handsome young man with a wise appearance and an aura of nobility.
 I must have looked very handsome sitting like this. After all, all around the venue, female guests were blushing and breathing heavyly.
 As I looked ahead, I noticed that Urza had raised her head and was looking at me.
 The girl with white skin, white hair, and a different look was staring at me with vague eyes. I raised my right hand and waved to the girl.
 Urza's shoulders shake and she turns her head to the side as if in a panic.
 However, she is glancing at me through her white bangs, and it is obvious that she is aware of me. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I even feel that her pigmentless cheeks have turned rose-colored.
 “You don't have to be so scared... I'm trying to help you, after all”
 I shrug my shoulders and turn my attention to the nobleman who is now trying to get Urza.
 I puff out my chest and sneer at him with a cold smile on my mouth.
 The nobleman clenches his teeth in frustration at my imposing behavior. Maybe he still can't give up, he raises his right hand weakly.
 “Whoa! This gentleman has increased the amount even more!? 10.5 million, 10.5 million Gold!? Is there anyone else...?”
 I added the money without changing my expression. I also didn't blink. I said it like it was nothing.
 And the nobleman, who was raised the price, flinched greatly under my counterattack. He strokes his bosom - perhaps he has a wallet in there - with his hand, and sweat drips down his forehead.
 “T-twelve... million gold....”
 The man tries to raise his right hand but then lowers it.
 He tries to raise his right hand again, but it doesn't come up fully, so he lowers it again.
 After repeating this action like a broken toy several times, he slumped his shoulders and groaned.
 He declared his surrender without words. Seeing that the man's heart was broken, Leybold nodded his head.
 “Then, this girl from the Oni-jin tribe will be sold for 12 million Gold. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big round of applause for this young man!”
 The whole room claps their hands in celebration of my victory.
 In silence, I raised my right hand and waved it from side to side while sitting on a chair in the front row of the venue.

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