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Chapter 22 Puppy Oni-jin Girl

 “Urza's name is Urza! Nice to meet you, Goshujin-sama!”
 “Ah...? Yeah”
 As soon as I finished the payment and completed the procedure for purchasing the slave, Urza came up to me with a cheerful voice and hugged me.
 Urza, who looked like an elementary or junior high school student, was only as tall as my chest. She hugged me hanging on to my arm, and a big smile appeared on her face.
 “Urza will work hard for Goshujin-sama! So, please take good care of me, desu no!”
 Is this the kind of character this girl is?
 If I remember correctly, Urza White Ogre in [Sacred Sea] was an expressionless girl with a doll-like face.
 But the Urza in front of me is as friendly as a puppy that is spoiled by its owner, and her white hair is waving from side to side like a tail.
 “Hmm... is this girl the original Urza?”
 “Is something wrong, Goshujin-sama?”
 “No, nothing...”
 Come to think of it, Urza White Ogre in the game was a slave of a vicious nobleman who tortured and trained her repeatedly until her heart was broken.
 So, the Urza in front of me is her true self. Maybe that's the way she was before she became a slave and was played with.
 “Well... whatever the case, you are my slave from now on. You will work for me to the best of your ability”
 “Of course! I'll do my best to serve Goshujin-sama!”
 “I'm counting on you... but first, you have to do something about your outfit”
 Urza was wearing a white one-piece dress, but it was worn out here and there like a slave's clothes. In addition, she was wearing a metal collar.
 This kind of outfit would make me look like a bad guy, and I would have been reported to the police.
 “Is there some place where she can change her clothes? ...Leybold!
 “Yes, what can I do for you? Young Master Baskerville...”
 I call out the owner's name, and immediately Leybold appears with his belly shaking.
 “I'd like to change her outfit. Do you have a room?”
 “Of course. There is a vacant waiting room for slaves, so please use it”
 “And... I'd also like you to take her collar off”
 “Collar...? That's a little...”
 Leybold looks at me with a difficult expression and strokes his bald head.
 “The collar proves that the girl is your slave. You see, Young Master's name is engraved here to show that you are the owner. If you remove the collar, you may put her in danger as a ownerless slave”
 “Danger...? What exactly?”
 “A slave without an owner has no human rights. Even if they are kidnapped or violated on the road, they will not be charged with any crime. Even if she is freed, she is a precious kijin race. So, if she is not shown to be the property of Young Master, she will be taken away soon”
 I wrinkled my brow and fell silent.
 Yes, I remembered something.
 In Slayers Kingdom, the demi-human race has a low status and there are no demi-human in the town except the slaves.
 This is the reason why Slayers Kingdom is not on good terms with Elf and Dwarf nations, thus there are additional paid scenarios that aim at avoiding wars with demi-human nations.
 The horns on Urza's head make it obvious at a glance that she is a demi-human. If she did not wear a slave collar, she would be treated badly as a fugitive slave without an owner.
 But I have no taste for putting collars on women. What should I do?
 “Goshujin-sama, Urza is fine”
 Urza pulled my arm and looked into my face. Her golden, crinkled eyes reflect my villainous face.
 “This collar is a proof that Urza belongs to Goshujin-sama. And Urza likes it very much!”
 “Hmm... Okay. If it's okay with you, I don't have to worry about it...”
 I nodded my head in agreement for the time being, although I was not quite sure what to think.
 Leybold, who had been watching this exchange, opened his mouth at the right moment after I finished talking.
 “Now, let me show you the room. No one will be allowed to come near the room for a while, so please enjoy your time”
 The owner, who had some kind of misunderstanding, led us to the slave's waiting room.
 I had expected the room to be dirty since it was the room where the slaves used to stay, but the room we were shown was simple and tidy.
 Although Leybold had guided me to this room, he did not enter the room and closed the door. The room was empty and furnished, and it was just the two of us, me and Urza.
 “Well, then...”
 Yes, desu no!”
 “...Wait, whoaa!?”
 Urza starts taking off her clothes without a pause. She takes off her one-piece slave suit and wears only a pair of underwear. Her small breasts with gently undulating hills are exposed.
 But no matter whether I rented a room to change her clothes or not, I think she is taking off her clothes too much.
 “Don't take off your clothes suddenly! Are you an idiot!?”
 “Eh... Aren't we going to make a baby now, desu no? I can't do it with my clothes on”
 “What are you saying! Of course not!”
 It seems that Urza had the same misunderstanding as Leybold.
 I mean, what the hell do these people think? I don't have loli fetish.
 “Just change your equipment? You can't even dive in a dungeon dressed like that!”
 “I bought you so we can dive dungeons together. I'm not going to turn you into a sex slave!”
 “Dungeon, dungeon...!”
 As I explain the dungeon to her, Urza smiles like a bud blossoming into a flower.
 “I'm so happy! Urza loves to fight! Even after becoming a slave, my dream is fulfilled to be able to dive in the dungeon, desu no!”
 “I see... Oni-jin race is from fighting tribe. So they like to fight”
 “Are we going to kill a lot and rob a lot? Please count on me, desu no!”
 I mean, don't say such a horrible thing with a cute face! I don't know how to react.
 Anyway, I regain my composure and bring out the female equipment from my magic bag with unlimited storage space.
 The items of equipment that I have collected from the treasure room as a perk of the round are all items that I can't equip due to my skill level. However, I kept a stock of low-ranked equipment for women so that I could give them to newly recruited female members.
 “This one, and this one. This one for weapons and this one for accessories at the beginning of the game”
 I pick up items of equipment and lay them out on the floor.
 “Try these on for now. If you have any problems, I'll adjust it”
 Yes, desu no!”
 I take out my equipment, and Urza, who is wearing underwear, puts it on.
 A few minutes later, there stands a beautiful girl dressed like a full-fledged adventurer.

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